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True learning begins and ends with curiosity

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True learning begins and ends with curiosity

By Debbie Priest on November 20, 2010

The spiritual science of being a sensation scientist brings with it the rejuvenation and restoration of soul. From God is dead to God is the very aliveness I experience here in this body. From science that kills off my experience of aliveness to a science that re-awakens my experience of aliveness.

Nia science is based on what is known (The Body’s Way Ideal) and what is unknown (My Body’s Way). The latter is the sensory based inquiry that we use as sensation scientists to discover and learn about ourselves and the world. As multi-dimensional beings we learn about physical, mental, emotional and spirit realms through asking questions, investigating aspects of each realm through our human body. Our bodies become the testing ground and the instruments used to inquire into what it means to be a multi-dimensional human being.

The scientific body-sensory based inquiry of Nia has the potential to transform my experience of reality. This is in contrast to a science that is considered external and not related to my body. Science and spirituality become connected through our natural innate curiosity that sees, feels and experiences the world with fresh new eyes. From a place of wonderment I experience this moment in a field of not knowing. This field of not knowing is a place of discovery. When I come from a place of not knowing I open up to a much deeper, vaster place for knowing.

Bertrand Russell refers to mathematics as “the field where we don’t know what we are talking about, nor whether or not what we say is true.” Now that is a place of true discovery!