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Integration of Realms

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Integration of Realms

By Vickie Saito on August 10, 2011

Integration of Realms

My nervous system influences all realms of my being. My peripheral nervous system teaches me constantly about being a sensation scientist. The autonomic nervous system regulates my parasympathetic and sympathetic responses moment to moment. My brain and spinal cord are continuously talking to my anatomy and playing the game of giving and receiving information. Very much like the Body’s Way, yin/yang, opposites…balance. Observing the fluctuations of my nervous system is a potent way I recognize the health of my physical body.

From a very cellular level, the mind of the cell communicates directly to my mind, which activates my consciousness. While dancing, I regulate my nervous system by paying attention to my energy internally and externally. My breath gives me cues on a moment-to-moment basis on the balance of my nervous system. Music stimulates or regulates me cellularly and often makes it possible for me to shift energy in my body. Meditation and the ability to focus my mind, drop into parasympathetic dominance, and have influence over my nervous system has been a huge tool in self-healing for me. This enables me to ground in my body when I am anxious and be clear when I need to mentally focus. As I am sensitive to sympathetic dominance and the hormones released in the “fight or flight” response, I stalk this very often. Spiritually speaking, this toolbox of awareness has attuned me to the chemical messengers that take me mentally, physically and emotionally overboard or leave me grounded and clear.

Because emotions and the immune system are under the control of the autonomic nervous system, I have learned how vital it is for my overall health, to feel my feelings. While growing up, I was physically and emotionally unwell. I did not have an emotional outlet and I lived daily in sympathetic dominance, or “fight or flight”. Stressed in every realm, I struggled with maintaining health and I believe it mostly had to do with the inability to express myself, amongst other things. When I decided to take my Blue Belt, and dove into communication and intimacy, I was terrified. It broke me wide open and all I remember was crying the entire week! And yet, after Blue, my life began to dramatically change. The unfolding of emotion, the permission to express myself, connecting and relating to people in ways I had not ever done before, opened many pathways to healing.

Today, energetically, I feel like a finely tuned violin. I continually experiment to determine what foods influence my nervous system, provide the most energy and keep my bones, muscles, fluids and blood the most healthy and balanced. I’ve studied my energy, stalked my behavior, and grounded in my movement and healing practices. Yet, change is constant. Becoming a sensation scientist who is always evolving and changing to adapt to the demands of my life, what I put into my body, and the lifestyle I live, has been an amazing journey. Relinquishing my old ideas of control and wanting consistent balance has been an awakening for me. I am an open system consistently engaging with my environment and I move more freely with disequilibrium…now. This has not always been the case, by any means.

By integrating my mind, body, emotions and spirit in this practice of Nia, I embody wholeness and interconnectedness. Modeling holistic health in my body and in my life, I demonstrate how to make Nia a life practice. Caring for every realm means caring for all of me. My mind is not more valuable than my body, or my emotions more important that my spiritual balance. Not only within the world of my body, but the world of energy fields and electromagnetic fields.There is really no separation. I feel secure in knowing when my nervous system needs rest and when it needs inspiration. This awareness and ability to pay attention to all realms not only allows me to be present and loving in my own body, but to be that with my students too.