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The Slow Snake of Thoracic Health: The Power of Symbology reaches my Spine

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The Slow Snake of Thoracic Health: The Power of Symbology reaches my Spine

By Charlotte Kerr Jorgensen on June 17, 2011

“I am an energy filled symbol, a visual language that speaks about health, fitness, well-being, and the power to self-heal, as I transmit this message through my body and the dance of Nia/life."    (adapted from BRBManual, p 157)

It all began for me with Principle 10 of the White Belt, where I was introduced to awareness of the angle of one bone with another - basic X-Ray Anatomy.  In later White Belt audits, I learned to play with Zorro.  I learned that other’s bodies, my body, are a design that changes shape with movement.   The shape can be captured in a drawing - a symbol.  The basic elements are the extremities - 2 arms, 2 legs - and then the core of the body as one unit.  Feet too.

The Nia journey of symbol reaches an apex with Symbology in Brown Belt.  There, I learned that symbology is shaping consciousness.  And, my consciousness, in this regard, begins with embryonic awareness of the shapes I create. I long to see my body’s symbol, track everything. In my Brown Belt Manual, I read that images are the symbols of energy, geometric shapes that make it possible to see energy.  Symbols have the power to help make each experience personal, as their received transmission speaks subjectively to each person in a unique and specific way.

Using symbology in Nia, means that I include into my language all kinds of shapes from geometry, art, the alphabet, numbers, shapes, metaphors, visualization and archetypes.  Nia as a movement language is a body of symbols. Over the years, I have grown into Nia as a lifestyle practice, and "Life as Art" gives me a ground of being that enhances my use of symbology.  My Nia journey has been to become aware of, and attentive to, all movement detail in each gesture, energetically enhancing the power expressed in each whole symbolic gesture.  (adapted from BRBManual, p 155)

In the last year the focus on our becoming Sensation scientists has become my next step in this lifelong practice. I am enhancing and improving my body awareness - through sensation and anatomical knowledge.  I have grown thinner, more muscular and have more stamina.  My conscious personal trainer has been very busy!!!!

In this month’s reading, to deepen the symbology of this new stage of my Nia walk, I have been given a anatomical review of the symbols found in, YOGA ANATOMY, renewing and deepening my anatomical knowledge - muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons. alignment, body, spine.

At the 52 Moves Fab this Spring and in my White Belt re-take with Martha Randall, I received feedback about my head movement and the movement through my thoracic spine.  This week, Helen Terry has given me feedback on the connection between my sacral spine, thoracic spine and jaw.  I now pay attention, in deeper detail, working with a single focus on my thoracic spine, through the 52 moves, classes, routines, Freedance. 

My conscious personal trainer is suited and ready, present in the discovery of my spine in a new way.  My nervous system is jangling, as I snake my thoracic spine with tai chi slowness.  I am beginning, with gentle clarity, a new chapter in my journey to total spinal health.  

 Slowness - Consciousness - Awareness - Symbology - Power - Healing!