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Realizing My 9 Ps of Potential

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Realizing My 9 Ps of Potential

By Rolf Erickson on January 25, 2013

Pleasure: I create my sacred livelihood by being in relationship with the mandate of spirit.

Philosophy: Silence is the Source. I welcome the inner silence to coexist with dynamic activity.

Purpose: My purpose is to evolve, share and inspire. Nia supports my purpose by awakening and integrating all Four Realms.

Product: Lead White Belt Intensives; Develop and lead Nia workshops; Teach regular Nia classes; Offer Nia Sounds CDs and Nia Routine DVDs; Share NiaWear.

Placement: Offer Nia White Belt Intensives, workshop and classes in my Home Studio, and in other suitable studios in Portland, the USA, and the world.

Price: White Nia Belt Intensive for $1599; Awakening Your Creative Spirit Workshop for $48: Write Moves Workshop for $48; Sacred Music Master Class for $15; Nia classes for $8-12.

Promotion: I will promote my Nia White Belt Intensives, workshop and classes to groups, clubs, businesses and other organizations. I want people in my trainings who are interested or engaged in personal growth and spiritual development. I also want to work with writers, artists, performers and musicians.

Production: I will work with White Belt producers when they are available. I will run my Nia business out of my home office, with the support of Renee.

Profit: My desired cosmic salary is to integrate my Four Realms, live in alignment with the Energy Allies, and to build my personal power to be an Energy Warrior. My desired annual income from my Nia business is $45,000. My target to achieve this goal is three years.