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Move, See, Feel, Be, Share

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Move, See, Feel, Be, Share

By Rolf Erickson on January 12, 2013

I decide to ask the four realms of my body how they have integrated with each other through Nia, and how this integration has inspired and empowered me to teach the White Belt Intensive.

Mental realm speaks first, as usual.

“Before Nia came along, I was the one who had to do most of the heavy lifting. Sure, the Body gave us all a home and kept things humming. But as far as processing information and events, figuring out what we were supposed to be doing, and then communicating either what we felt, or what we thought we were supposed to feel, or what we felt other people would like to hear, it was pretty much up to me.

“The Body would sit there in the chair getting restless while I slaved away on the computer, and the Emotions would start getting frustrated. I guess I didn’t listen to them so much back then. And the Spirit was always there watching, sometimes shaking its head.

“Then Nia came along. And before you knew it we were all up and moving around together. And there was this feeling of unity and camaraderie and mutual appreciation and, yes, even some kind of joy. And afterwards, our cells were buzzing, every single one of them, like they were all talking at the same time but everybody could hear everybody else and everybody understood what was being said. It was like, great!”

Emotional realm jumps in, getting a bit excited.

“After so many years of the Mind running the whole show, even when the rest of us offered to help out, it was suddenly liberating to really be a part of the team. When we first started Nia, I could hardly believe the amount of freedom and joy that I was being allowed to express. And then there was the music, all kinds of music, and even music I thought I didn’t like sent me off to new exotic rich textured destinations.

“The next thing you know, I was getting to express myself all day long. It’s like the Mind and I were suddenly best friends, and wanted to hang out together, and to listen to each other, and to respect each other whether we agreed or not. It had been a long, long time since anything like that had happened. Maybe since childhood. I felt like I was alive again.”

Physical realm clears its throat, and begins to speak slowly.

“Sometimes, over the last 30 years, I kind of felt like a beast of burden. You know, like a donkey, or a pack horse, or burro. Not that I’m blaming anyone. But pretty much, it seemed like when somebody was unhappy or uncomfortable, the burden ended up coming down on me. I was the one who had to deal with the consequences. I was the one who ended up having to take some extra time out to rest and heal.

“When we started Nia, all that began to change. First of all, I got to move. Yeah, I’d moved in the past, working in the garden (which I love), walking in the woods (which heals me), even playing basketball (which is the closest I got to dancing since that magical night on Bimini when I was 21).

“But now the Mind and Emotions and Spirit were right there with me, not bossing me around, not telling me what to do, but celebrating with me, almost like we were just four parts of one organism. It was cool.”

There is an extended silence, and then Spirit realm takes a soft breath and speaks.

“I always knew that we were one. Even with such seeming contrasts and diverse ways of experiencing life and expressing ourselves, I knew that at our source we were unified. I knew it because that is my work—to know, to watch, to hear the inner callings. I experienced that unity in our meditations, and glimpsed it more and more in our daily life as the years went by.

“But it was not my job to convince anyone of anything. Just to know, to watch, to feel the call, and to hold the space for that unity. And gratefully, that unity did come, that first day we began to move as one, to experience our oneness in motion.

“Nia. Who knew it would be a room full of women and one man with a gimpy knee and an open heart? Who knew it would be music and movement and community and unity and joy?

“Yes, Nia was the Messenger, the quiet inner voice, and we all heard it so clearly. Nia whispered, ‘We are one. We move. We receive. We share.’ All of us heard the voice of Nia so clearly, so intimately, so truthfully. We looked at each other and smiled.”

But wait, now the cells of my body want their turn to speak.

“Every one of us, each cell, can dance. Every one of us can move and see and feel and be. And when we all dance together, then we become one unified cellular organism which itself can move and see and feel and be.

“And when a collection of cellular organisms dance together, then they can experience themselves as one unified collection of organisms. We are all here to dance, to receive, and to share.

“We speak the truth.”

Now the four realms of my body gather round me, smiling. I see in their eyes the gratitude as they remember that first Nia class. It reminds me of why I chose to become a Nia White Belt trainer.

It is to share.

My Body moves. My Mind sees. My Emotions feel. My Spirit continues to be. Together, integrated, they whisper, along with the cells of my body:

“We have danced. We have received. Now we must share.”