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Holding Hands with Natural Time

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Holding Hands with Natural Time

By Rosanne Russell on October 22, 2011

With awareness, I sense the interconnection of everything within me though my connective tissues. By way of their seamless continuity, I am one being. Through Nia, I have discovered first-hand how integral my fascia is to everything I am. I can sense how my feet movements influence not just my stances or steps, but, affect my core, upper body, extremities and head movements. I can isolate each of my 13 joints and then integrate them into whole body sensation co-facilitated by my fascia. My digits measure, telling me exactly where I am, inside and out. My tissues support me as I make shapes and function with the sensations of FAMSS.

When my body energizes the Movement Forms and embodies Nia’s 52 Moves and choreography, I condition my fascia to respond to change. And, on a sensory and visceral level, these lessons reveal to me how I can respond to the changes in my life that will inevitably happen.

Loosing my Mom was one of those inevitable losses. And, on an expanded sensory level, I have experienced a new relationship with my connective tissues as a result. For the past six months, I have felt visceral confusion, deep within the inner most fabric of my being.

One of the attributes that I appreciate most about my connective tissues is that they keep my physical body intact. However, these past few months, while my body was certainly whole -- I felt disconnected to my world and those in it.

In this place of internal chaos, Spirit guided me to stillness, to silence. To be RAW. And it is in the waiting, that I sense my fibers and cells releasing memories of my Mom and our life together, sometimes it feels like a slow melting of actualization, of deep sorrow, and sometimes it feels like an internal river flooding towards the ocean.

With the emptying comes lightness. And, a renewed connection to the world around me. and those in it and to those like my Mom, who will always be a part of my being, always be within me.

As I continue to holding hands with my own natural time process, my tissues will continue to hold me, assure me, I am one being. I am whole. And, I am connected.


Multi-REALM dimensionality of my Connective Tissues:

Physically, my connective tissues hug and support my entire internal being. They shape me, covering every muscle, nerve, artery, vein and internal organ. They are a web of interconnectedness that joins every part of my body to every part of my body. Gapless, they invite me to move with seamless continuity.

When my fascia is healthy, I can stretch and move without restriction, with elasticity and with the warmth of pliability. And, when I am cold, my tissues restrict, pulling inward. towards my center that will expand as I bring warmth to my body.

Mentally, my connective tissues invite me to make sense of my body, with reason and logic I can understand how, why or why not I move.

Emotionally, my connective tissues provide the experience of moving without restriction -- and so, my emotional body knows what is like to Feel without restriction. Or when I am closed emotionally, I can sense the density of tightness, or the fragility of brittleness.

My own emotional history exists within the fibers and cells of my tissues. I can re-experience these memories through sensation -- or I can release them when they are no longer needed or wanted.

And, Spiritually, my connective tissues provide the inspiration and support for me to experience my own uniqueness and wholeness -- and ultimately my own Potential.