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Why Nia, NOW? FOR TED July Synthesis Blog

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Why Nia, NOW? FOR TED July Synthesis Blog

By Gail Condrick on July 9, 2011

Why Nia, NOW?

In 1983, Nia revolutionized the world of fitness with the philosophy of the Joy of Movement, forging a mind/body connection for practioners to sense and connect with the body, seeking pleasure by moving The Body’s Way. Today, Nia co-founder Debbie Rosas Stewart is pioneering an evolutionary step forward for the fitness industry and human potential movement through Sensation Science, a somatic education program. Sensation Science builds on the ability of the Nia technique as a sensory based awareness practice and a WAY to achieving embodied universal connections for maximum human potential and health, a global “Mov-e-volution.”

Sensation Scientists listen to the Voice of the Wisdom of the Body and KNOW their Body’s Way as a touchstone for choosing awareness, self-love, and healing in every moment. Sensation Scientists are in touch with their senses as a Way to feel to heal that is based on new and ancient scientific principles and activated methodologies of the human consciousness movement.

To experience becoming a Sensation Scientist activate your awareness by bringing focused attention to a body part, a mental image, an emotion, or a sense of connection to spirit. Touch in, Sense, Feel, Move. Touch again, sense, move and receive the new sensation that occurs through focused intent.

The sensation that I feel of my hand touching the air around me melts into the multi-dimensional awareness of all that I am, I am present in this space NOW as I touch and feel, my body is a living metaphor of the potential of the NOW moment, without history or future. I touch, my hand moves molecules, I check in with my body and experiment with the sensation of touch. No matter my physical condition or age, connecting this awareness focuses the mind on the concentration of my NOW body, the NOW moment and the NOW experience. With practice, NOW I move into an expanded state of awareness that mystics have described as union with all this is, a transformational experience that shows me my divine purpose and connection with the cosmos.

As a Sensation Scientist I am experimenting in my body laboratory to experience a simultaneous physical and mystical sensation experience that is both out of body and in-body. By staying present to my Body’s Way, I have the potential to reach the Cosmic Body’s Way, tapping into Wisdom and knowledge beyond my ability, a state of altered consciousness that is Present NOW and can be used for my healing and development. This is the next stage of evolution that comes not only of self, but of my Body and relationship of my Body to all life. I make choices following the intuitive information I receive from my BODY as the ultimate arbiter of my highest self.

Imagine being able to shift into this state of awareness as a resource, awakening your sleeping birthright of becoming a fully actualized human. Nia shows us that this ability is everyBODY’s to tap into for our own empowerment, a practice that does not remove you from the business of living but connects you to it with greater health, awareness and higher functioning in all that you do.
The Nia Sensation Science Body of Work offers the potential to improve your state of wellness by receiving feedback from your body. As a sensation scientist you become so familiar with your body’s signals that you are in touch with your internal organs and skeletal structure. You hear your body’s voice of pleasure and pain, and can take action before illness occurs by monitoring these sensations and making changes in the moment. It can be as simple as paying attention to the reactions we may have with eating certain foods, not receiving enough rest, or the habitual postural position, or as complex as changing the rhythm of our heart rate when in crisis.

Through practicing awareness, Sensation Scientists are able to move into a connection with Super Consciousness, or Source. This is a state of what Nia practioners call Universal Joy, the joy that explodes into personal consciousness from being fully present in the NOW body. I am here, I am aware, I sense that all of life is alive, as I am, and we are all connected in this dance. The mind opens with possibilities as I sense connections of all life forms, the earth and myself. Now I tune into the sound of the clouds, the poetry of the natural world, and feel fully alive. My decisions and my decision making process shifts as I activate my body awareness. My interests are broader, my sense of purpose expands, and a need to protect all life that is also myself, emerges into my awareness. I run all of my choices through my intuitive body/mind, confident my body will guide me.

As somatic educators of Sensation Science, Nia trainers and instructors assist people in becoming present, aware and in tune with their bodies through the Nia fitness program. The Nia vision creates space for people with diverse interests and needs to come together in recognition of the one undeniable trait we all hold in common, the innate Wisdom of the Body’s Way. Nia unites all peoples into a common awareness experience that leads to the actualization of the empowered, whole, and healthy human, strong in body, mind, emotions, and spirit, releasing a generation trained to listen first to the Voice of their Body’s Way to connect with the potential of the Cosmic Body’s Way in a Nia Now Mov-e-volution.