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Body by Nia

By Gail Condrick on June 17, 2011

I am a living laboratory of the power of Nia to shape and condition the body. For the past 12 years Nia has been and is my only form of exercise. I consider my body, mind emotions and spirit, shaped and forever changed through Nia. I represent a Body by Nia.

Now at 61, I am in better shape than when I started Nia at 46. I look in the mirror and see definition in my arms and legs and feel the strength in my form. Not as compared to others perhaps, but as a comparison to my younger body, absolutely better than before.
This strength is also reflected in my spirit. I am a stronger person from my Nia training as I move through the world, a living laboratory of the power of possibility even for those, like me, who do not consider themselves athletic. As a Sacred Athlete, I strive for my personal best, overcoming any obstacles with determination, courage and fortitude. living a life of strength that illuminates my body and my being.

I am flexible in my body and also in my life choices, as my spine, the symbol of my alignment with the heavens and the earth has great flexibility and strength. I discovered this recently when my chiropractor said I had the spine of a 20 year old. She continued that she wished that all her patients were Nia dancers because my body was so responsive to her touch and returning to natural alignment. This body awareness and flexibility comes directly through the Nia training and principles. I know that I spent most of my life out of my body, in the other realms. It is the invitation by Nia to become embodied, to listen to the voice of my body and trust that beyond any other that voice will never fail or leave me. This flexibility carries through to my emotional, mental, and spiritual realms and has allowed me to shift and change through the movements and transitions of my life.

There has always been softness in my curves and roundness, some years more than others. I see it now at the very center of me, in my core, both symbolic and physical softness. I wonder if this softness continues to serve me, is it flab that needs more core movement to shape and condition these muscles, maybe a lack of power in my third chakra that has centered in my belly and manifests at times as low self esteem? Or is it simply me. Lately, I am seeing more definition emerging in my body and my life and a desire to exhibit both conditioning and softness in balance.

I have always believed that I am at my best, in my yin, my softness. And yet, without Nia I would not have found an outlet for the warrior underneath, the steel under the silk, that came through only in the business of my life. The emergence of my yang energy and the definition of my warrior spirit are now seen in my body as well as my mind. Without Nia I would not have experienced the flow of power in my body, the joy of movement, and the pleasure of connecting with others who desire the same sensation. It is the yang energy that pushed me into discovering my physical as well as mental power, that balances my yin and appears in my muscle conditioning, my shape, my soul, and my strength in my Body by Nia.