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Connections, Emotions, and Music

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Connections, Emotions, and Music

By Gail Condrick on April 20, 2011

I believe that the most important skill I can develop to receive the healing benefits and power of sound is to connect emotionally to music. This is the place of purity and integrity; this is where mechanical movement is replaced by the organic nature of the body in responsive motion. It is not predictable, it is changeable with every phrase that I hear, feel, react, and dance.

Sound creates a structure of notes, patterns, and rhythms that I sense and feel as my skeletal structure, my bones. And just as the skeleton is not my body, but the support system of my body, the structure of the sound is not the music. Music is the poem that sings to me when sound filters through the ears, mind, and emotions to create, shape, and heal my body through the awareness and connections of sound. The structure forms after the emotion, only then after flooding myself with the music do I attempt to peel away the layers to reveal the musical bones, to move to soon into this belies the mystery of the connection.

As Debbie Rosas says, “Music gives us the opportunity to be touched by sound. Both sound and silence play us, activating movement in and around us. Developing this relationship allows us to see and perceive differently and links us to a world of geometry and human expression. We feel the music in our cells and dancing on our skin.”

In “This Is Your Brain on Music,” by Daniel Levitin, the author says that music involves the oldest and newest parts of brain from the cerebellum to the frontal lobes. “It involves a precision choreography of neurochemical release and uptake between logical prediction systems and emotional reward systems. When we love a piece of music it reminds us of other music we have heard, and it activates memories of emotional times in our lives. Your brain on music is all about, CONNECTIONS.”

If my feet are the hands that touch the earth, the connection I make to ground, to dance, to walk, to be, then what is it that controls my music? Each pattern, the notes, the rhythm the precision or lack of harmony bring me into conscious awareness of emotion. It is not my ears that hear music, they are the vehicle that brings the sound. It is the emotions that I HEAR and become moved to move that create my unique signature: my dance, my sound, my moving through life.

Listening in RAW I first perceive the sound and then release into the emotion of the music. I wait and I am filled with sound. Sound permeates my brain. The me that I am is gone and it is only the sound, malleable and pliable, the shapeshifter of my emotional body. My feet have grown ears, dancing the sound of the music, touching lightly or with heavy certainty to a tribal rhythm. Stretched I can find what I lack, explore new worlds and see as my body shifts to become the sound dancer of my heart.

I listen, I move, I heal. Each choice given to me through Nia as an opportunity to become more than I am to become more than I believe I can be. The music moves the bones, and becomes the connective tissue. In the music, is the message; in the notes is the sub phrase of the molecules of the universe arranging themselves to sing my song, my unique signature of being and of love. The voice of music inspires and shapes and heals me as I dance through life.

I am the instrument, I am the conductor of my own experience, weaving and swaying with the sublime pleasure of the entire dance of life.