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Conscious Awakening with Nia

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Conscious Awakening with Nia

By Gail Condrick on October 18, 2010

I remember the day in 1997, six weeks into my Nia classes, when I first experienced a conscious awakening. As we danced and the teacher offered a pearl of creating rainbows with our arms, I SAW COLORS. Shifting into a sumo stance to begin a series of blocks and punches, I SAW AN ANCIENT SAMURAI WARRIOR IN FULL BATTLE GEAR IN THE TEACHERS BODY. As we gathered in a closing circle, I knew on a deep level that the circle was sacred, that this was home, and that I had danced this dance before. I was in the unknown and joyful. I had never read or studied anything about personal transformation. I did not consider myself intuitive or energy sensitive and did not have “visions.” I had no idea of what chakras were, or how to meditate. I had given up on the religion of my childhood and felt no spiritual connection. I was stressed, depressed and over eating. Grounded in the “real” world, the experience in class that day was completely out of my version of reality. I felt like a champagne bottle that was being shaken until the cork in my head burst and there was a simultaneous outpouring and receiving of energy in my body. I did not know it then but my journey of personal transformation was beginning by moving my body with Nia.

I wanted what the teacher experienced and to understand what it was that made me feel and sense in a new way through the body. I could not learn enough, fast enough. I was ready and the teachers began to appear to help me expand my consciousness and my personal evolution. Each intensive offered a new level of transformation, a power and strength in my body, Nia skills and awareness. I touched other peoples lives as a Nia teacher and witnessed their transformation, realizing that I had become what I glimpsed in 1997 in my teacher; a movement healer. All of my life and relationships began to change. Learning to sense energy in brown belt, I went deeper into energy work that within one month of the intensive gave me the courage to leave a marriage and start over on my own. My new “family” became the Nia community of students, friends and teachers. As I became more aware and open, I added other modalities to my Nia practice: Aware and in my body, and experiencing conscious connections, I developed a personal spiritual practice and made faith based choices. I became aware of my intuitive self, and the pearls I found in Nia class were now coming through for all areas of my life. I began trusting the subconscious messages of dreams and my body reactions to make decisions. This increased awareness evolved into a desire to be closer to nature, and I began slowing down to experience life around me, walking to work in all seasons and journeying to swim with wild dolphins and humpback whales. I knew with sacred knowing that there was another consciousness operating within the natural world and that it too was sacred and within me. This journey of awareness began with my Nia classes and continues its evolution today.

I realize now that on that day in 1997 I had a spiritual awakening and a calling. This was a sensation that came through my body and opened all my senses. There was no conscious effort to create this on my part: I simply came to class and moved. Nia did the rest. I did not come seeking spiritual enlightenment or personal transformation; I came to get in shape. Without conscious awareness on my part, Nia brought me into my body and showed me that an ordinary life can become extraordinary.

As a sensation scientist and witness of my own evolution, I believe that there is no question that Nia has and continues to craft the consciousness of everyone she touches. What is in the One is in the Whole is both a mystical law and now a scientific theory. As Bruce Lipton states in “Biology of Belief” the new science of Epigenetics reveals that the patterns of nature, our sacred geometry, exists in cellular structure. Lipton says that our lives are not pre-determined by DNA, but under the control of conscious choices: that we can heal our bodies and our minds. He suggests that we will evolve a higher consciousness by choosing love over survival and making healthy choices. He continues to say that this is the next step in human evolution, a gathering of awakening consciousness for the planet, the creation of a global community and survival of the most loving.

This is the same language and opportunity Debbie and Carlos have offered since the inception of Nia. It is a philosophy embedded in the principles and movement forms and available to teachers and students as a lifestyle practice. By aligning with the natural world, the universal language of sacred geometry, and supporting a body centered philosophy of choosing love over fear, a Nia lifestyle practice can translate into an opportunity to expand personal and global consciousness. The Nia promise is, and has always been, an answer for those seeking something more in their lives through the symbolic and universal language of the Body’s Way.