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As I create my sacred livelihood...

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As I create my sacred livelihood...

By Sophie Marsh on October 1, 2010

Separating my intertwined personal and professional Nia desires…

Personally I desire
• To live ‘on purpose’ – to serve, to share, to shine. Aligned with my somatic truth, I consciously create beauty in every moment, Dancing Through Life with infinite love, harmony, joy, abundance and gratitude.
• To explore and discover with unwavering commitment, the path of the Sacred Athlete – to face and transcend fears, open to magical possibilities; mindfully choose love and peace.
• To bring playful curiosity, learning to live every experience as a body experience and sharing ‘sensation science’ for personal growth, healing and transformation
• To transmit with impeccability and clarity, to receive mindfully and without judgment, to feel and be real, to witness my shadow and shine my light.
• To deepen my embodiment of Nia’s principles and agreements as tools for self-knowing, self-healing and self-mastery
• To be inspired ‘In Spirit’ and to inspire others

Professionally I desire
• To inspire, engage and empower others to explore, express and heal through play, heart connections and pleasurable body sensation with my passion for learning, teaching and Nia
• To expand Nia’s outreach through co-creating, mentoring and training a vibrant community of students, Nia belts and teachers throughout Australia and beyond
• To positively contribute to Nia’s worldwide growth as part of a dynamic, collaborative Nia trainer faculty
• To create a sacred livelihood that financially supports my three children, so that we may share an emotionally and experientially rich life
• To integrate Nia into a dynamic network of health, fitness, education and therapeutic settings by developing programs, events and classes that meet the needs of specific populations
• To build symbiotic connections with people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and interests for mutual learning that enriches our personal, local and global potential.