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Where is it?

By Kevin VerEecke on August 17, 2012

As I worked on my adapted routine, I found myself confronted by old demons: will “they” like the music? Is it “fun”? As well as a continued struggle with creating a coherent and cohesive 7-cycle playlist.I started adapting Solar Dog from a desire to re-visit that routine and make it more current and usable. It’s methodical exploration of the 13 joints and NT always felt good to my body and made sense to my mind. It follows a simple path and plays along the way. I felt an obligation to update a routine that is no longer available and Solar Dog stood out to me as the one to do. The time length of the original songs was a challenge to meet do to the general lack of long songs. I decided to split song 3 into 2 songs; one for the thigh bone and one for the pelvis. Also, song 5 needed splitting into 2 songs since the original is 11minutes. After searching extensively through my music library, I found songs that “worked” for each song and cycle. But they only worked well as stand alone songs. As a playlist, they were clunky and unsuited to each other. I got irritated and put it aside. I had already adapted some of the routine Passion and decided to continue with that playlist. Again, time searching yielded appropriate individual songs, but no playlist. My final routine adapt came in the form of Sexi. The final playlist was the smoothest of the 3, and the most pleasing to dance.
I remember hearing/reading Jill Factor refer to the difference music-driven routines and sensation driven routines. This was in reference to routines that other Nia teachers has created for themselves. From my own experience, in adapting and in creating things in the past, I remember the feeling of dis-satisfaction when I would teach my own playlists. My motivation was to make it fun and to be popular. My body never enjoyed it as much. It lacked depth and a sense of healing. Conversely, the times when I’ve honored the Routine and taught from my body and enjoyed it were MUCH more satisfying.
What did I learn? I am still stuck in old habits. Do what’s needed to survive. Quality is sacrificed to fear and desperation. I judge music, maybe too quickly. Discard something without giving it time to develop. I also tend to blow the music off as un-important, and just focus on the movement. The magic disappears. Is there a Joy of Listening?