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Marci Rubin

Marci Rubin

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My Credentials

  • JD; Nia Brown Belt Teacher

Marci Rubin

Nia Brown Belt Teacher
Oakland, California, United States

San Francisco Bay Area Substitute Nia Teacher...

For as long as I can remember, the floor has been my favorite place, I've always been moving (not necessarily when or where others thought I should), and I've loved dance. My ballet career ended at 7 years old when my teacher told my mother I would never be a ballerina.  When I turned 40, I took my first tap class, fell in love with the rhythms, and have been tapping ever since. I still love tap, but I also needed something with less structure. I knew nothing about NIA when a friend took me to my first class. It was a life-changing event. I don't remember looking at the clock or thinking about anything. I was just in the moment, moving in ways my body hadn't known it wanted to until I let it take over from my brain.

I've been on a NIA-guided journey of personal movement exploration ever since. In my prior work lives I always mentored & guided others to help them find their full authentic selves. Teaching NIA for me is an extension of what I've always done - just now through movement, joy & community.


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JCC San Francisco
3200 California Street, San Francisco, CA, USA
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