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Michelle Yarovinsky

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Michelle Yarovinsky

Cedar Creek, Texas, United States

Frustrated with the eight to five, and struggling to make time for myself, I headed towards the woods one day with the intent of speaking with my spirit guides. I was seeking answers, clues, visions, a warm hand to guide me, a slight breeze that will uncover a path I should have followed some time ago. Something.



A few months go by after my “spirit quest”, and I find myself at a local thrift shop with my boyfriend and his family. I was browsing through the book section when I saw a bright blue book. Titled The Nia Technique, I thumbed through the pages, found it extremely interesting, definitely a new concept to incorporate to my existing workout routine. However, I put the book down and kept browsing. Just moments later, my boyfriend finds me, scans the books with me, and instantly sees the big blue book, takes it off the shelf, flips through the pages, and drops it in his shopping cart. When he gets home he reads halfway through the book and highly recommends the book to me, convinced that I must read the book and try The Nia Technique.



So I read the book. Excited about finding something fun and new, I used the Google machine to locate local classes. I attended two classes and found joy in the class. I found myself smiling and laughing as we danced. By the time it was all over, I was sweating, my heart rate was up, I was feeling loose and comfortable in my body. I exercised without feeling the pain and mechanical movements associated with most common exercise regimens. I then purchased some DVD's to do Nia at home. I slowly started envisioning myself teaching the routines to others. So I stepped outside of my comfort zone, and enrolled in White Belt Intensive Training, earning my teaching certification as a Nia instructor.



I trained for a month before teaching my first class. I was so nervous. I wasn’t sure if my students would take me seriously because of my size. I have been heavy all of my life. It wasn't until I hit my thirties that I finally found the willpower to take action and take care of my body. I challenged my body at the gym, on free weights, on machines, with personal trainers, and I dreaded the pain. I dreaded the unnatural movements. I endured muscle fatigue and thought I was doing the right thing to get into shape. No pain no gain. Until Nia.



I want to be an inspiration to women like me. I am nowhere near fit.... yet, but with proper diet and Nia, I will reach my goal weight. I want my students to watch my body transform, because I know it will encourage them to do the same.



This is my Nia story.


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