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Michelle Crow Fee

Michelle Crow Fee

  • mcrow79@yahoo.com
  • 281-866-8746

My Credentials

  • RD, LD, CWC

Michelle Crow Fee

Houston, TX, United States

I was first introduced to Nia classes in 2007 and fell in love right away. I enjoyed the freedom of movement and the joy that Nia brought me. I completed my white, green, and blue belt trainings over the next three years.  Through my personal and professional experience, I have learned how important it is to be "in" my body. Nia’s teachings have helped me to develop a deeper appreciation for my body and my whole self. I love to share Nia with others who desire a stronger connection with themselves and their bodies.

In addition to being a licensed Nia teacher, I am a registered/licensed dietitian and a certified wellness coach.  In 2010 I began my own private practice and joined Krista Highfield, Licensed Professional Counselor, in the development of Sentido Center LLC, a full spectrum outpatient eating disorders center and wellness facility.  Our center includes a studio with a wonderful spring-loaded wood floor that is perfect for Nia.  

For many years I struggled with anorexia, followed by several years of compulsive overeating. I relate to the difficulties of changing thoughts and habits. I see now what life is like without unhealthy behaviors and thoughts, and I feel privileged to help others experience this as well.  I enjoy combining my nutrition, wellness coaching, and Nia backgrounds to help people achieve their goals and reach their potential.

I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.