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Marty Diner

Marty Diner

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  • Black Belt level Nia Instructor

Marty Diner

Nia Black Belt Teacher
Longmont, Colorado, United States


Recently retired after 35 years of owning and operating a construction supply company; I believe that the Nia technique, Nia, chose me 10 years ago when i was in need of a life change. My physical and emotional health was challenged, decisions i had made for myself were not all in my body’s best interest. I took my first Nia class in 2006 and loved the music. It took a few classes to overcome the awkwardness and feel that i could move to the music in a way that felt pleasing to my body. That was the start of living a new life in my BODY! The language of Nia makes sense to me. Words like sensation, dancing through life, joy of movement, energize, balance and moving to heal create a vision for a Quality of Life that is sustainable. Music is a lifelong passion. I am a musician and an avid music listener, welcoming all types of music forms from all cultural origins. For me, blending music with movement is a natural relationship; adding layers of richness and pleasure to form a fresh, unique experience each time I step in to teach a class. This is what keeps me coming back! 

When I  take a Nia class, all of these possibilities are present and the sensation of JOY becomes a tangible energy. When i teach, the only goal is to instill the permission for each student to find their own possibilities for a healthy BodyMindSpirit. I love to share my passion for movement. It works in my Body and it can work in yours! 





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Joy in Motion at Home
2013 Poppyfield Court, Longmont, CO, United States
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Sunday 10:30am - 11:30am
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.