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Marybeth Grinnan

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My Credentials

  • Nia Black Belt; University of Virginia 1990; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MS - Information Science 1995

Marybeth Grinnan

Neuilly-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, France

I attended my first Nia Class in Chapel Hill, NC in 1998.  I had joined a gym and was “working” out regularly to become more fit.  I didn’t enjoy anything I was doing, but I knew it was good for me.

A few months later, I noticed a new class coming to the gym.  From the very beginning, I knew there was something special about Nia.  The class was exhilarating and I actually had fun.  I was exercising, conditioning my body, and enjoying myself at the same time!  I could “dance like no-one’s watching” in a room full of people; there was absolutely no judgment or comparison.

When my teacher moved away in 1999, I attended the Nia White Belt Intensive with Trainer Denise Medved so I could continue the to practice Nia. I returned to Chapel Hill and started to share my passion for Nia.

In 2001, I travelled to Portland OR to complete the Blue Belt Intensive with Carlos and Debbie, the founders of Nia.  After years of practice and teaching, I received my Green Belt in 2009 from Stephaney Robinson Abilon.  In 2012, I returned to Studio Nia in Portland and completed the Brown Belt Intensive with Debbie and Ann Christiansen.  My next step on this journey was in 2013, once again with Debbie and Ann in Portland, where I earned my Black Belt.  In 2015 I audited the Black Belt and moved to Paris, France!  We’ll see what the future holds for me now……

As I immerse myself in the Nia lifestyle practice, I continue learning through my body’s way.  I have become calmer, more content, stronger, and more centered.  The depth of Nia has kept my interest for the last 16 years and I am still learning with every class.  Through Nia, I have gained awareness of my body and the messages it sends me….especially when the messages are mere whispers. I love the music, the movements, and the magic that happen with each class.  During class, I step into sacred space and leave behind my hyperactive inner judge.  Nia invites me to engage my personal witness rather than a judge and for that I am truly grateful.

As a teacher, I LOVE watching my students grow and flourish as they practice and embody the Nia Principles.  I started offering weekend retreats a few years ago and in January 2015, I co-led my first international retreat to Blue Spirit Yoga Retreat  in Nosara, Costa Rica.  The trip was a great success and we we are returning in January of 2017 for our third retreat!  I love sharing the revelation that fitness can be fun for people of all ages, sizes, and levels of fitness. Nia has transformed my life and I invite everyBody to share the pleasure that Nia can offer.

I am incredibly grateful to the beautiful Nia community in Richmond VA.  We have an inspiring group of women (and a few men) who are willing to open up and let go.  On that note....I am living in Paris for 3 years.  A bientot!

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My Nia Classes

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Saturday 4:00pm - 5:00pm Centre aquatique de Neuilly sur Seine
27-31 Boulevard d'Inkermann, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
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Saturday 3:00pm - 4:00pm Centre aquatique de Neuilly sur Seine
27-31 Boulevard d'Inkermann, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
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Wednesday 12:15pm - 1:15pm Studio Bleu
14 Boulevard Poissonnière, Paris, France
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My Events

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Dive In! Nia and Yoga Retreat 01/07/2017 Blue Spirit Retreat Center
Blue Spirit Costa Rica Guiones sur, Playa Guiones Nosara, Guanacaste Costa Rica
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