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Marty Henneka

Marty Henneka

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Marty Henneka

St. Augustine Beach, Florida, United States

It all started with my mother, who taught me, from a very early age, the concepts of The Power of the Mind.  I began my formal studies and practice of body-mind-spirit concepts in 1971, attending seminars, retreats, workshops all over the United States.  As a 37 year veteran as a classroom teacher  and a middle school dean I shared meditation/relaxation techniques with my students of varying excepitionalities.  These techniques helped my students in calming their minds and helping them to sharpen their abilities to focus.  In 2007 I was introduced to my first Nia class by a beautiful, loving  "gypsy spirit" Ellie (Van Valkenburg) Prezzano.  Her class touched my heart and soul, and it was an answer to my prayers for more freedom and joy.  I knew then and there I had to become a teacher of the technique of Nia.  "The best way to learn something is to teach it!"  I earned my White Belt from the beautiful devoted-to-gerontology and founder/creator of Ageless Grace, Denise Medved: my Blue Belt and certification in The Five Stages of Self-Healing  from the amazing international trainer & teacher Helen Terry; and my Brown Belt  from the dynamic, creative Nia Cofounders, Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas.  My training in Nia has been phenomenal.  The curriculum, training and knowledge Nia has provided me with has enabled me with so many more tools to find peace and health in my body, mind, spirit and emotions.  I am forever grateful for these tools I've received.  I am honored to teach techniques of Nia which has given me a great way to share the joys of 


My Nia Classes

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Tuesday 3:00pm - 4:00pm Flagler Hospital
400 Health Park Blvd., St. Augustine, FL, US
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.