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Maris Angharad Lyons

Maris Angharad Lyons

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Maris Angharad Lyons

Nia Blue Belt Teacher
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

I love to move, and my body loves to move. I love to dance, and the general wellbeing of my body, mind and soul demand that I dance. I have danced all my life, and have no intention of stopping.

My life to date has revolved around my love of musical theatre, dance, and sailing. My experience of performing in musical theatre, and also racing boats dictated precisely how, where and when to move my body. When I discovered Nia in 2011, it was bliss to physically experience the freedom of space and movement, the joy of moving in the 'body's way', and the effect that Nia had on my mind was also a gift. My Nia training has deepened my connection with and understanding of the body, the way we are designed to move, and how to move in a way that is nurturing and healing to the body.

Running through my life has been a sense that joy, wholeness, physical wellbeing and healing can all be found through dance. And I hope that through Nia classes, students can find pleasure through movement that will enable them to shine inside and out.

I teach regularly in Cardiff and also offer private classes for individuals or small groups upon arrangement. My classes are suitable for all fitness levels, and bodies of any shape or size.

Come along and join at any time, I look forward to welcoming you!



My Locations

Location Link
Cowper Court, Cardiff
Cowper Place, Cardiff, United Kingdom
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Just One Theatre Arts
19 Splott Road, Cardiff CF24 2BU, United Kingdom
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.