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Lola Manekin

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Lola Manekin

Baltimore, Maryland, United States




When I showed up in Portland for the NIA White Belt Training in 2011 I was the only person out of 45 women who had never taken a Nia class before. There was something about the description that I had read online that made my heart beat faster and I knew that I was supposed to be there. I have always loved to dance, and working out by dancing sounded amazing. At that training I discovered more than a workout for sure!

I came back to Baltimore committed to share the joy and everything else that I had felt during that week of  training with as many people as I could. Nia brings out the best in me and I knew that would be true for others as well.

Four years later and our little Baltimore NIA community just keeps expanding. We went from one teacher to two, and three…and now we have about 10. We are also extremely proud to have graduated 30 white belts student here in Baltimore in just three short years.

I am a mom, a wife, an acupuncturist, a Nia teacher and a life lover. I cherish every second I am alive and I hope to pass this message forward to each person who I encounter in my life!

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