Lisa Mandle

Lisa Mandle

Lisa Mandle

Nia Blue Belt Teacher
Marshall, North Carolina, United States

"it is a day lost that you haven't danced" 

Nia allows me to express the love I have for movement. For ALL kinds of movement. Nia allows everyBODY to come to movement in their own way. I had moved, dance, stretched and played in my body for 40 years when I found Nia.  Learning about my body's way through the Nia Technique altered my understanding of my own body, sensation, and energy along with cultivating my abillity to heal my self through movement. WIth my Nia practice and training I have also learned to transmit my accumulated body knowledge in a new and fun way. I have found a home in the Nia practice and a way to connect again not only to myself but to students, deepening my own experience of the Nia practice by sharing the joy. Nia brings me tremendous joy. Most especially I appreciate the joy I am able to bring to others, the opportunity for others to deepen their connection to their own bodies...Nia is a blessing in motion.


My Locations

Location Link
Laughing Heart Lodge
Laughing Heart Lodge, Hot Springs, NC, United States
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Magictown Movement Studio #208
115 Blannahasset Island, Marshall, NC, US
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Modjesca Simpkins School
2025 Marion Street, Columbia, SC, United States
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Nourish & Flourish
347 Depot Street #201, Asheville, NC 28801, USA
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.