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Linda Casto

Linda Casto

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Linda Casto

Nia Brown Belt Teacher
Nashville, Tennessee, United States

My Nia practice is my passion, one of my greatest sources of joy, and my primary route to physical and emotional conditioning.

As a direct result of my introduction to Nia in 2002, and committing to the practice in 2006, I have completely refashioned my life.  I have danced at Nia retreats in Costa Rica, Greece and Mexico, and taken classes in California, New Mexico, Hawaii, North Carolina, Mexico, South Africa and at Nia Headquarters in Oregon.

Nia has shown me who I really am and was always meant to be.  Nia has brought me home to my authentic self, helped me define my authentic voice, and reminded me that it is safe to share the essence of who I am with others.  I am finally who I always wanted to be.

A game changer.  Fearless.  Oozing self-love.  Proud.  Beautiful.  Lyrical.  Boisterous.  A traveling dancer.  A song in a human suit.

This is the Linda Casto that Nia has birthed, and I could not be more grateful.

I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.