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LesLee Ames

LesLee Ames

  • la@lesleeames.com
  • 843-277-5717

My Credentials

  • BA - Cum Laude/Phi Beta Kappa, CYT, Reiki Master, Theta Healing

LesLee Ames

Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, United States

LesLee Ames passion for Nia is based in the "Joy Factor, of Nia."   Nia is a mindful movement form that anyone can do to step into better health and celebrate life.
Untreated until adulthood for PSTD and a struggling single parent family,her saving grace was dance and movement.

"I had been doing some form of dance since age 3, and was accepted by a Company, where I practiced daily and learned discipline. Also, I found some hope and even escape into a world that was free from pain, and often magical.

I have been given these challenges and opportunities for growth for a reason. I can use my experiences to encourage others to become the best they can be in spite of their circumstances physical and mental alike.
Through movement we CAN recover our health!

The world of dance provided relationships, focus, and inspiration for me. I went on to study performing arts in college and performed regionally, continuing to study dance in adulthood and attaining certification in the NIA technique.

LesLee Ames is a certified Integral Yoga Institute and Advanced Asheville Yoga CenterTeacher, as well as a Bodyworks Pilates certified teacher, Dancer and Nia White Belt, ThetaHealer™, and Reiki Master. She is trained in trauma and a Critical Incident Stress Foundation Responder - equipped to service individuals who are healing from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

LesLee co -founded WorldBeat, a grant-based collaboration begun in 2003, as Spirit Moves, to share Nia with inner-city Youth in SC. She also began the first Yoga Programs at NICoE and the new Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, MD. 


"A Dance Can be Lost forever if a single generation fails to pass it on." G.Jonas


Testimonials:  "This class is a breath of fresh air for me. There has not been a move I could not do, there has not been a moment of self-doubt—and yet each class quietly and painlessly pushes me to the next level and gives me a sense that I can progress."

Susan Rivaleau

I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.