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Kimberley Elliott

Kimberley Elliott

Kimberley Elliott

Nia Brown Belt Teacher
Mill Valley, California, United States

Kimberley Elliott, The Radical Freedom™ Coach and Entrepreneur, is on a mission to support others in creating a happier, more inspired life(style). As a somatic teacher, she collaborates with you to support reconnecting with your vision, values and strengths in order to move forward with clarity, grace and success. One path of access is through the body with Nia practice.

Kimberley has engaged her personal Nia practice for clarification and self-healing. Living her art, she moves to clear her head, connect to her body and discover ‘what’s next’.  Her resilient body has continued to thrive despite a back injury in her younger days and a current experience with Lyme’s Disease. Her Nia practice has been a support for wellness throughout body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Training with Kimberley will bring opportunity to feel, to express, and to build trust in your body’s inner wisdom. This will lead you to develop new movement habits and to consciously re-connect to your body’s wisdom. From this empowered place, transition to Radical Freedom ™ becomes part of your powerful "next steps" toward happiness.

A Brown Belt Nia Instructor, Kimberley has danced her entire life. From childhood PLAY to mid-life dance performance to adulthood somatic training, movement has been her medicine.  Her facilitation style is supportive, energizing and inspirational. Kimberley infuses her passion for collaboration, imagination and creativity in the somatic sessions she leads.

I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.