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Julie Ann Panneton

Julie Ann Panneton

  • julieann.nia(at)shaw.ca
  • 604-649-4131

My Credentials

  • B Com, MA (Counseling Psychology)

Julie Ann Panneton

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

When Julie Ann discovered the joy of Nia dance, it changed her life.  Since completing her White Belt, Julie Ann has been dancing through all activities of life and regarding them as:  the art of plerking (play at work), the art of driving, the art of shopping, etc.  Nia has been an amazing experience, creating within herself a higher flying energy to live life more genuinely and passionately.  She believes the possiblities for movement are endless!  Through Nia she grew stronger and moved her body in ways she never thought possible.  She feels stronger, more confident, wiser, sexier, and more aware of her body than ever before.   Trained as an accountant (BCom) and as a therapist (MA Counseling Psychology), Julie Ann has always wanted the best for her clients.  As a Nia teacher, she shares her passion of dance by empowering her students to find joy in their own bodies.  Her background includes jazz, tap, 5Rythms, belly dancing, burlesque, yoga and improv theatre all of which come together in expressing her joy of movement.

contact Julie Ann at:  julieann.nia(at)shaw.ca  604-649-4131

I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.