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Julia Annis

Julia Annis

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Julia Annis

Nia White Belt Teacher
Olympia, WA, United States

Nia has been a part of my life since1995. I remember walking into that first class in Portland , OR . I left feeling grounded, energized and like I had just found something special. I danced with Debbie Rosas-Stewart and Carlos AyaRosas (co-founders of Nia) for three years. In 2002, I became a Certified Nia Instructor. I have taught hundreds of classes to people of all ages and experience levels. Nia encourages me to be present in my body and to move with purpose. When I teach Nia I feel joy and gratitude for what is my body and my life.
Nia is accessible to many people because it teaches us to “Move the Body’s Way”. We pay attention to the structure of our body, utilize dynamic ease and 360° awareness to create a full body workout.

Nia blends 52 moves from 9 disciplines (Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Tai Chi, Yoga, Jazz, Modern, Duncan Dance, Feldenkrais Method and the Alexander technique) to develop awareness and creativity of expression. Infused with the essence of these practices Nia allows our bodies to experience many levels of healing.

The focus of Nia is Joy and the music is the Muse. Go to www.NiaNow.com to learn more, listen to the music, read theory and testimonials. See you on the Dance Floor.

Drop-in $10 per class or $32 for 4 classes (sliding scale is available - please ask)

About Julia Annis and Nia:
“I am a very active person, and I have to say, I think I have taken every kind of movement class- especially the "dance" oriented ones offered at most gyms. But until I took Nia with Julia Annis, I can’t say I ever really had FUN doing it! Julia, as an instructor, has a way of encouraging you to have fun following creative choreography to pleasant, fun music. Before you know it, you had a great, thorough, sweaty workout, and you didn’t even know it! I recommend Nia to folks who both love dance and exercise, but also to people who have a hard time getting motivated to move- this is the class you have been looking for!” Lesli Baker

“Julia is a creative and supportive leader. She has the ability to make a fun, enriching experience accessible to anyone with her straightforward approach. She infuses pleasure and ease into the simplest of actions and turns an exercise class into a artistic expression.” Jason Alan Griffin, Certified Nia Instructor, Black Belt
Julia Annis, Nia Teacher; White Belt
"Love Your Body - Love Your Life"


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601 Capital Way South, Olympia, US
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Wild Grace Arts
507 Cherry Street SE , Olympia, WA, US
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