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Joann Rothman

Joann Rothman

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Joann Rothman

I found NIA in 2005. We were a perfect fit.  

The pieces of the puzzle that I had been weaving in my life started to come together.   Having traveled around the world photographing the Earth's sacred spots,  I was awakened to energy work and understanding the interconnectedness of life.     Before meeting NIA, The Four Agreements  and the Art of Stalking were very much a part of my life.   The form and freedom of Nia awakened me to sensation.  Wanted more, I chose Green Belt, Blue Belt, and Brown Belt.   

After White Belt Training, I was offered a Nia teaching position at Jodi House, The Brain Injury Support Center, where my partner and I have been creating a model called ADAPTIVE NIA wherein we adjust the choreography of routines to stimulate the senses and provide experiences to increase stability, mobility and flexibility.

NIA is a gift that I give to myself and others.


My Nia Classes

I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.