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Joi Ross-Moore

Joi Ross-Moore

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  • M.Ed.

Joi Ross-Moore

Houston, Texas, United States

Music’s magic and when I hear it, I am moved to share. I learned this at a very young age as I connected to the sounds that surrounded me. Broadway musicals, folk albums, rock-n-roll, jingles, voices, clicks from my tap shoes on the terrazzo floor, windshield wipers, bongos, the refrigerator’s hum, ice tinkling in the glass were all invitations to connect to movement. This relationship with music has been the back-beat of a life-long professional and personal path that has included years of experience in dance and yoga as well as mentoring, volunteering, training, teaching, and counseling.

I like to think of my classes as Nia with a Twist where I weave my musical selections throughout the rich tapestry of Nia routines. Calling upon my deep relationship with music, I love to passionately play with musical textures that ignite curiosity and creativity. I share from heart space and do my best to create and hold space that nurtures endless possibilities. With appreciation, I celebrate Nia’s deliciously rich body-centered practice that honors each of us exactly as we are. I invite you to join me as we connect with and move to our innate unique rhythm, a journey strewn with wondrous sights, sounds and laughter along the way.



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