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Jodi Swindle

Discovering Nia has truly changed my life. A dancer at a young age, puberty came and brought with it big changes.....and big boobs. All of a sudden I was getting passed over for dance solos, hints to lay off the snacks (as IF that would have helped!), and messages that told me in not uncertain terms that I was not designed to be a dancer. Eventually I gave in and quit dance to try my hand at other adventures. A naturally thin person, I was not motivated to exercise at all, and found it grueling, boring, and somewhat rediculous to run like a rat on a treadmill. However, college brought the freshman 15, the sophomore 7, followed by years of additional gradual pounds that I call the happily married pounds, and the twin pregnancy pounds! I was not natually thin anymore. 

Forced to deal with exercise as a neccessity in my life, I spent years bouncing from fitness class to boot camps, to weight watchers meetings, and diet plans - feeling like a constant failure and learning to hate my body. Stepping into Nia my first class my thinking was hmmmmm, this is different, I need more. By the 5th class I was absolutely hooked. It felt like my whole being sighed a big sigh of relief....the struggle is over, and the journey to healing begins. 

Nia is still helping me undo the messages that I internalized over the years, and it is an amazing journey. I have not dieted since starting Nia and yet I have lost weight and changed my body. 

I decided there must be more Nia in the world and that I needed to share this joy with others. I began teaching in 2011 and have never looked back. Diving into the practice deeper with the green belt has changed my entire attitude towards myself and sharing this technique with others. I can't wait to go further and continue on this journey, and hopefully inspire others along the way. 


My Nia Classes

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Sunday 12:45pm - 1:45pm Yoga Synergy Spa
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Monday 7:15pm - 8:15pm Yoga Synergy Spa
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