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Anita Shultz

Anita Shultz

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  • BFA

Anita Shultz

San Marcos, Texas, United States

My Nia practice began in 1999 in St. Croix, USVI. My first class was so much fun and dynamic that I became a regular on the spot. I felt for the first time many facets of my inner self dancing with the music. I was no longer just the ballerina, the swimmer, the yoga student. All of my personality and experience moved into the dance with me. My life and experiences, my frustrations and victories, my weaknesses and my virtues, all participated. I learned through Nia to enjoy the many aspects of my life and how they have created the very unique me. Dancing Nia has reignited in me a deep joy of movement that enhances my love of my body and encourages me to nurture my mind and emotions as well. The pleasure of connecting with myself and my community through music and movement has urged me to share Nia with others.  My background in movement arts includes ballet, modern dance, ecstatic dance, African dance, competitive swimming, Tai Chi, yoga and Aikido.

I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.