Helene (Hila) Gozani

Helene (Hila) Gozani

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Helene (Hila) Gozani

Nia Blue Belt Teacher
Givat Ela, Israel

Now upon constant, in Steadily ADeadly Land, live many citizens pushing forward towards Pro Gress. Never has vitality been more inert.  The poor soles of Pro Gress line up for toil, their carriages stored for further abuse. These rigs can be found at the Body Store. The dismembered parts make for easy placements on a need-to-go basis.

Here comes Tod: “Some knees won’t you please”...

Have you ever noticed that our bodies have become mere vehicles of carriage from point A to point B? I know that you, of course, take better care of your body than your car, but then again, you were always ahead of your time...

Let’s get moving:

  • We need to exercise these beautiful (yes, I’m talking to you!) bodies of ours!
  • Enough of this sedentary lifestyle! We must constantly move, change, evolve and keep reinventing ourselves.

There is never too much to be said about exercise. Exercise will:

  • Release “feel good” endorphins.
  • Reduce pain.
  • Soothe anxiety.
  • Dramatically improve your medical report card on all levels.
  • Increase muscle and bone strength.
  • Make you feel alive!
  • Make you want more!

Meet Nia. Nia is sensory based fun combining dance arts, martial arts and healing arts. It is self-healing and empowering, building beaming minds, bodies and souls. In Hebrew Nia means movement. For me Nia means musicmovement, and magic!

Stop, look and listen! Where are you moving to?



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Givat Ela dance studio
HaGalil, Givat Ela, Israel
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Thursday 7:00pm - 8:15pm Givat Ela dance studio
HaGalil, Givat Ela, Israel
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.