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Hanna Uusiprosi

Hanna Uusiprosi

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Hanna Uusiprosi

Nia Brown Belt Teacher
Helsinki, Finland

Nia is for me a perfect way to create & maintain health. I feel it is so complete - and I know there is still more to come as I advance in my education.

It begun as an attraction. I am generally curious to explore new things, also new hobbies, and on autumn 2012 I spotted Nia in the catalogue. The first class booked, I watched many videos and somehow felt very attracted. I had only been to a few classes and I was considering the White Belt training. For me the decision was one month of active inner discussion yes/no (but yes!) and in that process I already learned about my ”no” and chose to say yes. I am happy the attraction won.

I admire the variablility and yet the wholeness of this practice. It is deeply rooted in the Body´s Way and the exploration of Your Body’s Way. I enjoy both the objective and subjective content of this practice (i.e. I get to learn objective information AND I get to practice somatic learning). The combination of the different movement forms is genius and I can feel its effect in my body and see the effect in my students.

Teaching came as a surprise to me at first, as it did not fit in my image of myself vs. my image of a instructor….but again, the attraction was stronger. And teaching is learning. And it is such a pleasure for me to see a human being enjoying himself or herself while moving in the class. And then come the comments….This is meaning-full!

In these 6 years my overall health has improved a lot. Most importantly taking care of my health has become something I do or not at all times. Maybe it used to be ”going to the gym” or ”going for a jog” and now it is taking care of myself during the day in different ways and also noticing when I am doing something that goes against my health, as I still do…and then tweak. And looking back now, I can see a deeper healing that has to do with releasing old accumulated hold-backs. On different levels. I remember a lot of charge in the White Belt intensive, and the releasing really began there…Finding a way to express naturally, without really intending to do it. The healing has happened slow and steady on the background…until one day I say: ”Hey, I have changed”. Being in the body, exploring the different ways to express, together with the lifestyle education Nia offers, I feel is a path that leads to authenticity. Get in, be moved, be you.

And on short term - ahh...MusicMovementMagic! Also looking back to the different ways I used to move before (gym, jogging, other group exercise classes…) I realise that the combination of music and movement has always been the thing for me. A way to take care of my life force energy. And now I have this practice that allows me to take this pleasure to another level-s…

The best decision ever – to follow the attraction!


My Locations

Location Link
Kirkonkyläntie 37, Helsinki, Suomi
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Element Studio
Maaherrankatu 21, Kuopio, Suomi
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Hyvinvointistudio Kehotus
Tampereentie 22, Lempäälä, Suomi
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Laajalahdentie 20, Helsinki, Suomi
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La Fábrica del Tango
Pyhäjärvenkatu 5, Tampere, Suomi
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LadyLine Vantaa
Laajaniityntie, Vantaa, Suomi
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Omnia Leppävaara
Upseerinkatu 11, Espoo, Suomi
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Open Yoga Porvoo
Asentajantie 8, Porvoo, Suomi
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Oulunkylän yhteiskoulu
Siltavoudintie 24, Helsinki, Suomi
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VAO Myyrinki
Liesitori 1, Vantaa, Suomi
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.