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Glen Graves

Glen Graves

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My Credentials

  • B.A., Univ of WA, C.P.A.

Glen Graves

Meet me here: beyond the fields of fixed mental projections; in a swirl of joyful motion beyond the boundaries of discrimination and the complexes of superiority, inferiority, and equality; one awareness dancing forever within a constantly changing landscape of infinite uniqueness...

Meet me on the dance floor....


Witnessing a Sensation Scientiest, by Debbie Rosas (2/8/11):


I AM READY right now in this very moment to HAVE FUN, to SHARE THE JOY, and to DISCOVER where MY PATH IS LEADING ME.... Let's engage in this process of DISCOVERY TOGETHER through the practice of Nia....

moment by moment by moment.... by moment....

I have an abundance of tools to use and to share to support our mutual personal growth and happiness, within the most incredibly supportive and loving community on the planet.. YES, YES, and YES!....

Let's get together, laugh, have some good old-fashioned fun, and do something really good for our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Leave your mind full of stress at the door, and let your body do all of the talking for a while.

Let's dance and celeberate the wonder and beauty of life together....

Love.... ;-)


It's been "quite a ride."  My Nia Experience:

OCT 2011: Men of Nia Jam weekend and leading a song with 12 Nia Men plus Helen at RanchONia.

OCT 2011: Blue Belt (audit) at RanchONia with Helen Terry.

APR 2011: Cosmic Dancer retreat with Erica Saffron and Stephaney Robinson, Sullivan's Island, SC.

MAR 2011: Blue Belt with Helen Terry at Studio 206 in Charlottesville, VA.

FEB 2011: Five Stages at RanchONia with Debbie Rosas.

JAN 2011: Teaching three time slots / week at Studio NiaMoves, Houston, TX.

DEC 2010: 52 Moves Workshop with Erica Saffron at Decatur Healing Arts in Decatur, GA.

NOV 2010: Green Belt at RanchONia with Helen Terry.

NOV 2010; Master Class with Kevin VerEecke at Studio NiaMoves, Houston, TX.

OCT 2010: CoTeaching with Julie Wylie in Austin, TX, and Erica Saffron in Decatur, GA.

OCT 2010: Master Class with Holly Curtis Nastasi and Donna Starnes at NiaSpace, Austin, TX.

SEP 2010: Sacred Athlete Workshop at Port Townsend, WA, with Anne Christiansen.

SEP 2010: White Belt (Audit) at RanchONia with Helen Terry.

AUG 2010: White Belt  at Sullivan's Island, SC, with Stephaney Robinson.

JUL 2010: Blue Electric Storm Weekend at RanchONia with Helen Terry and Nia Black Belts.

JUN 2010: Dancing with Helen on weekends at RanchONia during the development of R1 choreography.


My Nia Classes

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Tuesday 9:15am - 10:15am Studio NiaMoves
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Thursday 9:15am - 10:15am Studio NiaMoves
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.