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Garageband Tips & Tricks

Garageband Tips & Tricks

Garageband Tips & Tricks

Compose your own music, compose brisk rhythms from pre-made sequences of sounds or turn your favourite hit into a ringtone – with GarageBand, this works easily and intuitively. Getting started is nift. See for yourself!

Recording studio and music school for five euros. This is how short and succinct Apple's music program GarageBand for PC can be described. This allows even beginners to easily compose their own music – provided you have a little musical flair. This does not even require a real instrument. Virtual instruments are integrated into the program. You can play them with the Mac keyboard. Of course, it would be easier and more intuitive to use a real keyboard for the first steps – but being able to play with the Apple keyboard is still handy. In this way, you play not only the keyboard of a piano, but also the strings of a guitar or the fur of a drum. To record vocals or even spoken texts for a podcast, the internal microphone is sufficient at the beginning, if available.

Connecting instrument

If you want to play with real instruments and have their sounds recorded by GarageBand, connect them to your Mac. This works with a keyboard, for example, via a USB input. The easiest way to connect a guitar to the line-in connector is to connect it. To do this, you usually need an adapter from a large to a small blade plug. In addition, there is also a mediating device, a so-called audio interface. This connects to the Mac via line-in, USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt input. Connect the instruments to the audio interface.

Integrated loops

To make it particularly easy, Apple has integrated a large number of loops. A loop is a fixed tone sequence of one or more instruments. You can use them as an accompaniment or put together a piece of music from them alone without having to play an instrument yourself. Also possible: You load a piece of music by a well-known artist from your hard drive and experiment with it a little. This option is especially useful if you want to create your own ringtone of a favorite hit for your iPhone.

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Whether recorded by software or with a real instrument, GarageBand creates a separate track for everything you play. You can edit them in a targeted manner; shorten the sound with a filter or even vary the volume. The program plays at the same time. This allows you to record instrument by instrument one at a time and then combine it into a complete song.Just as easily add vocals.

GarageBand on iPad

GarageBand is also available as an app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch (4.99 Euro). The app comes with so-called smart instruments. These can play chords fully automatically. You change it with just one tap. This makes it quick and easy to compose convincing melodies. As on your Mac, you can arrange individual recordings in different tracks on the iPad to create a complete work. Additional loops and filters are also available for alienation. Also possible: connecting a guitar.

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