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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Finale Watch Online Free

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Finale Watch Online Free

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Finale Watch Online Free

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7

The premiere of Season Four revealed Game of Thrones as a transformed show. Do you remember when the Lannisters were the antagonists? Now they are the main characters, with Stark survivors left to one side. It is a tremendously audacious change, as if Katniss had died in the second film of The Hunger Games and suddenly the series was about President Snow. The union between El Perro and his pup that closes the episode further illustrates the narrative perversion of the series: Raise the hand that celebrated when a girl murdered a guy in cold blood!

"Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door! [Hold the door! I held the door! Hold the door!] "The surprising and heartbreaking revelation of Hodor's becoming the kindly, duosilabic giant we met and loved-Bran Stark's consciousness imprinted that order on his brain as a boy-dominates this seeming episode A horror film directed by Jack Bender, a veteran of Lost. But each of the many emotional connections of the episode - between Sansa and Pinkie in the North, between Daenerys and Jorah in the East - was devastating in its own right.

You saw the misfortune, the defeat and the death of Stannis Baratheon. Dress up the escape of Sansa Stark and Theon "Reek" Greyjoy. You witnessed the murders of Myrcella Baratheon (by the Sand Serpents) and Ser Meryn Trant (by Arya Stark). All this, along with the punishment to Cersei Lannister and the murder of Jon Snow. In terms of the end of the season, it was difficult to beat this ...

... until the end of the next season. From the marvelous opening sequence - a set of King's Landing luminaries preparing for the trial of queens Margaery and Cersei, and we know how that ended - until the end of 'I'm heading west', this was an episode memorable. In between, Arya Stark took revenge on his mother's killer; His sister Sansa fed Ramsay, his rapist, the dogs; And Jon Snow was crowned King of the North precisely when we learned that he is a secret Targaryen (!) And potential heir to the Iron Throne.

It was all a hoax, and not just the fact that Ned Stark - probably the protagonist of the series - would die before the end of Season One. Even the mode of death was a hoax. The big question during all this episode was if Ned was going to sacrifice his honor and to take the treason to avoid that his were witness of its execution. He did ... and died anyway. The unfairness of it, reflected in Arya and Sansa's anguished reactions (represented by the very good young actresses Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner), was the most unpleasant of all.

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