Felicia Shulman

Felicia Shulman

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My Credentials

  • F.I.T. Certification Individual Conditioning Y.M.C.A., F.I.T. Certification Hi/Lo Aerobics Y.M.C.A., Aquafit & Aqua Yoga Linear M.E. CALA Certified, YogaFit Level One, THEGROOVE fascilitator

Felicia Shulman

Nia Black Belt Teacher
Montreal, QC, Canada

I am into creating an authentic movement experience for participants to get in touch with their Uniqueness, Grace, Strength, Health, Hearts and Beauty ~ To have fun while becoming fit is the tip of the iceberg ~ It's an on-going journey with many twists and turns ~ It's an exploration of our bodies and ourselves ~ so I promise to stand in my truth no matter what ~ My Deep Desire is to Inspire Others to Step Into Their Greatness with Passion, Play, and Precision.

I Love teaching in Both Official Languages here, French & English.

What some of my participants are saying:

The Comments: “Enthusiastic”, “Passionate”, “Energetic”, “Reboots Body and Mind”, “Vibrant”, “For All”, “Fantastic”
The Who: Felicia Shulman – Certified Black Belt in Nia ~ Aletha Thompson

" I Loved it! Most of all your wonderful energy; Inspiring and encouraging us to feel and move our body authentically and non judgementally. You are a great teacher indeed." ~ Patricia Benhaim

" What I loved the best was the Freedom to move the way I wanted to and in a way that felt best for my body. I Loved the music choices and couldn't resist singing along at times. You are a great teacher Felish, clear, fluid with your instructions, and of course a great and Zany sense of humour!!!" ~ Cathy Burns

" I appreciate the ideas to be more aware of every moment of our life and took great pleasure in dancing as music brings us a kind of freedom. Thanks again. It was great." ~ Nanouchka

" Felicia's class helped me during a difficult time in my life and made me feel happy and at home in a new community. I have rediscovered a love for dance. Felicia is an excellent instructor and her class always leaves a smile on my face." ~ Etzbeta Chmiel

" I joined the Y to take a very particular class with a very particular teacher, Nia Technique taught by Felicia Shulman. I know my story is not unique, there are many in her classes who have joined the Y, to take class with Felicia. She creates a space in which people can grow in mind and spirit, learn to better understand their own physical body, and strengthen all three through her guidance of movement." Ivannna Richardson

I will continue to dance through life, Plearning and Loving and En-lightening with Joy, Curiosity and Passion. Come Dance With me! Au Plaisir!





My Locations

Location Link
Le Gym
1515 St. Catherine W., Montreal, QC, CA
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4873 Westmount Ave., Westmount, QC, CA
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Westmount YMCA
4585 Sherbrooke W., Westmount, QC, CA
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5400 Westbury, Montreal, QC, CA
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Cat's Corner Dance Studios
3-3451 St. Laurent, Montreal, QC, CA
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Montreal Neurological Institute-Jeanne Timmin's Amphitheatre
3801 University st, Montreal, QC, CA
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Downtown YMCA
1440 Stanely St., Montreal, QC, CA
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L'Ermitage Centre De Retraite
1905 Chemin Du 6'ieme Rang, St.Lucie, QC, CA
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Yoga Plus
372 Notre Dame West, Montreal, QC, CA
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Shift Space
1190 St. Antoine West, Montreal, QC, CA
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My Nia Classes

Day(s)sort icon Time Location Link
Thursday 10:00am - 11:00am Westmount YMCA
4585 Sherbrooke W., Westmount, QC, CA
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.