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Emily Estep

Emily Estep

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Emily Estep

Seattle, Washington, United States

Nia is the most joyous, powerful and sustainable method of living in holistic health and wellness that I have ever experienced. I often find myself smiling uncontrollably during class as my body revels in the bliss of movement and music designed to allow it, and every other body in the room, to move in its own natural, pleasure-filled way. Deeply resonating pleasure and joy in fitness? Yes, please! This is what keeps me coming back for more, creating a naturally sustainable practice and way of life. What an incredible gift! I love that Nia conditions and strengthens the whole body, challenges and tickles the mind, and renews, heals and exhilarates the spirit. I am honored to share it all as an instructor. 


I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.