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Louie Scheckwitz

Louie Scheckwitz

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Louie Scheckwitz

Nia Black Belt Teacher
Palm Springs, California, United States

Born and raised in sleepy Central Virginia by a Vaudevillian New Yorker, and a Southern Belle.  I raised my five beautiful children in Southern California. They provide me great joy!  Three super grandchildren thus far.

My years as a Telecommunications and Technology professional and building contractor, raising and providing for my family placed a great demand on my physical and mental bodies. My focus was to maintain a wholesome home, culturally rich, educational and developmentally sound environment for my children.  I worked extremely long hours, and was under great financial and emotional stress.  In 2006 after losing my father, my marriage in trouble, mounting financial pressures, I suffered a heart attack. Luckily I survived multiple ambulance trips and three heart procedures.


My life had immedately changed into an attempt to survive, manage energy and recover my Life Force which seemed almost noinexistant at the time. This became a battle between my determination to not become a statistic, and my plan to get more out of life before I pass on. I had to choose my battles, and deflect some difficult ones which will continue to haunt me.  After being with my mother in some of her last days I gained insight to a body's signals approaching the end.  My Body awareness alerted me that I was sensing these signals in my body.  I was correct. My liver was failing and I had additional heart issues, so I was hospitalized a few more times, and had another heart procedure.  My liver issue, I spearheaded by quitting my NSAID's.  My liver issue is currently in remission. My doctors advised me to cut my stress greatly, and engage in a physical activity EVERY day, extensively, if I was to survive.


In October 2011 I made the conscious decision to take on Dance as the physical activity to do daily. Problem, I hurt all over, and had, literally, no energy to even walk. I began learning dance movements, and began training myself to learn how to move my body. I found that sensing my range of motion, and focusing on maping at what point pain increased, then moving below that pain threshold, move, play and dance.  My capabilities increased daily. The pain threshold kept moving farther away and a point of pleasure was defined.  I began with my greatest physical challenges, then after gaining some progress, I added another physical challenge to work with.  I move around my body's challenges, which provides relief and delivers positive progress to my conditions and limitations.   I am persistent and determined and will continue to be, because I am in pain and need relief. I continue to Improve my capabilites daily. Thats a pretty good direction for a sixty-something.

I like to cook and love the results. I began creating small but healthy meals, then before I consumed them I would have my kitchen clean, my meal displayed beautifully and photographed, and I would take a breath, dance a song free-dance, then enjoy.  I stop eating when I felt satisfied, and graise when desired and save some of my meal for later. Diving into my new practice I became friends (5 Stages style)  with my wood floor overlooking the harbor, and in the perfect sand near some of the most beautiful sand dunes on a secluded beach close by. Pelicans, and Snowy Plovers are my witness. I lost 30% of my mass (60 Lbs) within one year. Thrift stores became my friend, since my clothes no longer fit me.

I was sharing my personal practice with one of my amazing daughters, and she said it looks like I'm doing Nia that she tried in Solvang, so I should check out Nia.  Some time later when I was visiting Sarasota Fla, I found a class on Longboat Key, taught by Kathy Oravec. It was a wonderful experience and she delivered the Nia promise, and I was excited. When returning home I found Kate Nash's Cosmotion Ventura Nia center. I became a regular, and it was there that I took my White belt Training from Joanie and Adelle, the dynamic duo.  I followed up with some Feldenkrais training, and HQ intensives with the amazing Debby Rosas.

I continue my physical practice to this day. I work with my Nia practice and take dance classes many times weekly, and I train to improve my movement skills daily, and dance every day.  Massage is important to my complete body health plan, so I studied and developed my own Personal Massage techniques.

My preference is outdoor workouts with surroundings brimming with life force. In the fall, winter and spring I teach Nia in Palm Springs, Ca, and Palm Desert, Ca .  I am a  Ballroom dance host at Senior centers, events, and on cruise ships worldwide.

Please contact me for Nia/Dance cruise bookings, Nia class and Dance host availability,

I am thankful to Debbie for sharing her passion, and Carlos whom I have never met. I am so honored to be part of the Global Nia Family! 


My Locations

Location Link
Balboa Park, Encino, CA
5600 Balboa Blvd, Encino, CA, USA
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Ruth Hardy Wellness Park
Ruth Hardy Park, Tamarisk Lane, Palm Springs, CA, USA
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Venus Healing Arts Center
73600 Alessandro Dr, Palm Desert, CA 92260, USA
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