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Elizabeth Boleyn

Elizabeth Boleyn

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  • PhD

Elizabeth Boleyn

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Elizabeth has been dancing through life since childhood. At 5, she started weekly tap, ballet, and jazz classes and when she was not indoors, she loved to roller skate to school, bike ride, swim, climb trees, and jump on the trampoline with her friends - even in the rain.

She discovered Nia in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina in 2000. She instantly realized its importance for the enhancement of physical and spiritual health in her quest for rich and meaningful experiences in the world. She found Nia to be a playful and powerful way reconnect to the joy of movement. For her, Nia provides an outlet for release and a holistic fitness experience creating a space for authenticity, self discovery, and enriching interpersonal community.

After two years of Nia classes as a student, Elizabeth cofounded and opened North Carolina's first Nia center in Asheville, NC. She then promptly completed her first White Belt Training with Black Belt Nia Trainer Jane Pagano. Elizabeth received her first Blue Belt Certification in 2003, her Brown Belt Certification in July 2005, and her first Black Belt Certification in July 2006 from the Nia originators, Debbie Stewart Rosas and Carols Aya Rosas. In 2010, Elizabeth audited Black Belt again to honor cofounder Carlos Aya Rosas retirement. Elizabeth enjoys auditing (retaking) all of the belt levels and attending specialty trainings as a student as well as crafting and facilitating her own transformative workshops internationally.

Elizabeth recently published her dissertation in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology from the University of New Mexico based upon the experiences of white belt attendees.  Together, they built a theory about adult holistic and experiential learning: Considering a Voice of the Body for Adult Transformative Learning Theory (2014).

Elizabeth continues to be deeply honored as a member of this dynamic movement community. Her gratitude is beyond words for the many, many ways other Nia teachers and students shape her life; the practice of Nia itself sustains her health and wellness; and the realized promise that moving the body the body's way has transformed her life and the lives of countless other beings over and over again. Thank you.




My Nia Classes

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Sunday 6:30pm - 7:30pm Move Studio
1111 Hawthorne Lane #101, Charlotte, NC, United States
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Thursday 11:15am - 12:15pm Henderson County Athletics and Activity Center
708 South Grove Street, Hendersonville, NC 28792, USA
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.