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Dina Lebinger

Dina Lebinger

Dina Lebinger

Nia Black Belt Teacher
Hod Hasharon, Israel

Hello, my name is Dina and I want to share with you the moment I discovered Nia..
The truth is it was a brief moment. Not a process, nor a learning experience. It was short and simple.
It’s a little odd to describe it, but I’ll take my chances… It was fate.
It all started when a friend of mine moved to South Africa, where she danced Nia. During a visit to Israel she dragged me to a Nia lesson in Tel-Aviv. I don’t usually participate in courses or in such activities so I felt a little embarrassed, but I still joined everyone and danced.
I remember criticizing and judging myself in front of the mirror, during the whole class, which was not a bit easy. But there was one other thing I remember very vividly. When raising my hands, open wide, a bit like a prayer, I noticed how my heart was also opening wide, opening wide while experiencing this thrill.
I believe this was the moment. This was the moment I decided I want to learn this method, this secret.
Within a month I found myself in South-Africa with a one year old baby and my elder sister, very determined but also very frightened. It was an empowering experience, a huge present for my 40th birthday. The week I spent there was surprising and exciting at the same time, and this was just a drop in the water for me in the Nia world.
Ever since that trip I feel I am in a growing strengthening process which involves lots of blessed changes. I’m changing, daring, creating new things for myself all the time, taking new and challenging tasks and responsibilities. I learn Nia each and every single moment that I have. It enriches me. I study the body, the movement, the rhythm, the music and of course, the effects Nia has on me. I am endlessly curious, which is a very fulfilling feeling.
So this is Nia for me and I thank myself for spotting the moment and for listening to it.
I also thank my husband who supports me and believes in me even more than I do. I thank my children who go through the changes with me, which isn’t always easy for them, but who still are proud of their dancer-mother… There are also two beloved sisters of mine and lots of friends who support and embrace, and I thank them all for that.



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ramat aviv
haim levanon 37, tel - aviv, IL
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dina lebinger
harakon 11, hod hsharon, IL
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