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Debi McDougall

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  • Nia Blue Belt Teacher

Debi McDougall

Nia Blue Belt Teacher
Parker, Colorado, United States

I am Dancing Soul
And I can heal the wounds of separation
I can gather up
The scattered parts
Of shattered wholeness
Like the petals of
A delicate rose
Carelessly tossed
By the winds
Of some other
I can re-create
And rearrange
All parts of being
To create a new
Of the essence
That was always there.

And like a subtle fragrance
That lingers on
The essence
Is never lost
Only transformed
And held
In whatever form
Is chosen
To best reflect
Those aspects
Which are

So dance with me
And feel the healing
At every level
Of your being
Let the balm
Of my love
Soothe you
Surround you
As you become
Once again.

Written by: Gwen Randall-Young

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