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Danny Haag

Danny Haag

  • danny@niawithdannyhaag.com

Danny Haag

Nia Blue Belt Teacher
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Late in 2013, alone and with some anxiety, I attended my first Nia class. I stood quietly in the back of the room as Andrea, our kind-hearted teacher, explained what Nia was. “Nia is all about the joy of movement,” she said, “and tonight, we’ll be focusing on our hands.” Joining her to dance and flow and kick and punch and strut was so much fun! That night, I burst out in laughter, sweat up a storm, even wept, and was utterly hooked within the hour.  “What was that,” I thought to myself, “and when can I do it again?"

My journey as a Nia teacher has been joyous and life changing. I am currently on a break from teaching, but I will post here if/when that changes.

I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.