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Chrissy Modjahedpour

Chrissy Modjahedpour

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Chrissy Modjahedpour

I have loved to dance and move creatively from a very young age.  Music and movement have always touched a very deep place in me, so it is no surprise that Nia resonates so powerfully in my soul.  With a background as an elementary educator, Spanish teacher, and speech-language therapist, I also continually seek ways to connect and communicate with others.  The intense connections that develop among Nia participants through experiencing music, movement and magic together is powerful and indescribable.

I had approached fitness in the past through activities that tapped primarily into the physical realm (i.e., swimming, running, cycling).  Through Nia I have discovered an approach to fitness that conditions not only my physical body, but also my mind, emotions and spirit.  I leave class feeling not only that I have gotten a great "workout" in the classic sense, but that I have experienced a transformation of my mindset, my emotional state of being, and my spiritual awareness.  Nia helps me to hit the "reset" button and approach my life from a more centered place.  It also reminds me to be playful and not take life too seriously.  What a gift for a busy mother of three young children!

Stepping in to a Nia class, leaving everything else at the door, being fully present in my body, open to Joy, and able to move from a place of awareness is where I am able to tap into my most authentic self. The opportunity to create and share these experiences is what motivates me to teach Nia. Come join me! 


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Tuesday 10:00am - 11:00am The Dance Center
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.