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Cathy R. Keith

Cathy R. Keith

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My Credentials

  • MSHA, RDN, LD, CFSP ~ 30 years experience in food & nutrition services, integrative & functional medicine, and healthcare administration.

Cathy R. Keith

Nia Blue Belt Teacher
Austin, Texas, United States

For as long as I can remember the one thing that brought me heartfelt joy was moving my body to music.  Whether that was on a dance floor, in the aisle of a grocery store, or on a walk ... whether it was Mowtown, disco, R&B, or country ... moving my body made me feel alive.  And as much as I cherished this sensation, I never believed that it was possible to experience it every moment of every day.    

That was until 2011 when I began a journey of significant life-changing events.  Physically and emotionally hurt, mentally and spiritually exhausted, I eventually moved to Boulder, Colorado where the Flatiron Mountains beckoned me to rest and recover from all of the upheaval and change.

On January 23, 2013 I stepped into my first Nia class and experienced something that had been missing for a very long time ... the Joy of Movement!!! I could barely contain my excitement as I queried the instructor about the practice.  One thing led to another and less than 3 months later I had my White Belt. I was also working at a beautiful movement studio, surrounded by a fabulous nurturing community of Nia friends and guest instructors, and moving to a routine nearly every day.

I'd like to say that my life was now hunky-dory and groovy ... but it was not.  Like many women I had disconnected from my body at a very early age.  All I could see were imperfections and all I could sense was shame.  And although I loved how I felt when I danced, it was safer and easier to remain disconnected from my body and to live in my head.  I could talk the Nia talk, but I (literally) wasn't walking the Nia walk.  And the more I tried to hide this secret, the more shame I felt.  

Everything came full circle a year later during the last day of my Blue Belt training.  I experienced a complete meltdown as I realized how much I would miss if I did not listen to, move with, and be in a wholehearted loving relationship with my body.  I discovered that I truly could live in joy every moment of every day.  But to do so I had to fully embody the practice (body, mind, emotion and spirit) and walk each day, one step at a time, as the Sacred Athlete that I yearned to be.  It was a pivitol moment in my life and one I will cherish forever.

Nia has blessed me in so many ways and I look forward to sharing the Joy of Movement and creating magic with others.  Come join me as we explore the power of this powerful somatic practice called Nia.












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