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  • Licenced Blue Belt Teacher

Carol Liknaitzky

Nia Brown Belt Teacher
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

My first Nia experience 10 years ago, was like coming home – coming home to my body in celebration. The beautiful eclectic music, the invitation to dance in your own way at your own level and still have a wonderful framework of steps and movements to explore, gave me what I had been searching for over many years.
As I grow older, the experience of expanding my life and abilities, being more stable, fit and strong, is very empowering. I also love seeing how people walk out of my sessions feeling energized and joyful because of their Nia session.

I am a woman of 60 something who was looking for a dance class but they were all for the very young. Many years ago I found NIA and it fulfilled all of my wants and needs. Not only can I be expressive and do my own thing in the "free" times giving me great joy, but I'm able to keep a degree of fitness and keep in touch with what my slightly arthritic body is telling me. Added to all this is the pleasure in making lovely new friends and sharing when we have coffee together afterwards. Carol is very much in touch with us both physically and spiritually and so our Monday morning sessions are good fun. What a great way to start the week!
Robyn Bonthorne - Warrandyte group

The most important & most positive thing I can say about NIA with Carol is that I look forward to coming!
I cannot say that about other exercise regimes I have taken part in.

NIA is pitched to all age groups & abilities. It is kind to older bodies with the onus being put back on the participants, as it should be, & the 3 levels of intensity clearly explained. Carol is mindful of our own individual physical quirks, however.I enjoy the mix of direction, discipline & free creative time. It is joyful & we have lots of laughs! I love the music too! I've been doing NIA for a number of years now & have really noticed the difference in my flexibility & I never suffer the aches & pains often associated with other types of exercise. Carol is a very sensitive & caring practitioner & she embodies all that NIA stands for. I highly recommend her classes. Cara Britton

A very good friend introduced me to Nia in mid 2010 for which I will be eternally grateful.
My fitness, overall health and joy of life have steadily increased in remarkable ways.
If you are reading this and are ready to smile more, do yourself a very big favour and attend your first 3 Nia classes.
Why 3 classes? So you get past the "it's new, I'm really too busy etc" and start to feel Nia's power!
Carol is a beautiful person and her classes are always fun.
Peter (Mining Engineer)

I love EVERYTHING about my Nia sessions! Each class is different, although always fun, (the routines allow for the freedom to express my own personality and move to my own fitness level) and I come away invigorated but also calm and centred.
I also enjoy Carol’s always pertinent (and sometimes spiritual) focus at the start of each class, and find the wide mix of world music especially uplifting!
What more could I ask for?
Annabelle C.


I am a licenced Nia Blue Belt trainer, artist and educator. I have a background in performance and many years' experience of facilitating personal growth, team and community development.

  I love how Nia encourages us to each find our own Natural Time. One of the greatest benefits of Natural Time is the power it has to support individuality and autonomy. We let go of follow-the-leader, mechanized, repetitive movement and learn to follow and repeat by playing with the infinite movement and energy possibilities that exist within each of us. We are encouraged to explore the sensation of pleasure in every joint and become familiar with every joint’s range of motion.

Find your style and discover your expressive self, the choreography of your own dance.


My Locations

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Albert Park
45 Ferrars Place, Melbourne, VIC, AU
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Hawthorn Citizen's Youth Club
241 Auburn Road, Melbourne, VIC, AU
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Warrandyte Mechanics Centre
Yarra St & Mitchell St, Melbourne, VIC, AU
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My Nia Classes

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Monday 9:30am - 10:30am Warrandyte Mechanics Centre
Yarra St & Mitchell St, Melbourne, VIC, AU
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Wednesday 9:30am - 10:30am Hawthorn Citizen's Youth Club
241 Auburn Road, Melbourne, VIC, AU
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Saturday 10:30am - 11:30am Albert Park
45 Ferrars Place, Melbourne, VIC, AU
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