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Carleen Weber

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  • LCSW, Nia Instructor, Mindfulness Trainer

Carleen Weber

Nia Blue Belt Teacher
Edwardsville, Illinois, United States

Always on the move, I’ve been an avid runner, yogi, weight lifter, biker, boot camper.... you name it. I’ve liked and hated some of my workouts, usually enjoying my playlist most. My upper or lower body in great shape but never quite the 'whole' me. My feet were confined in expensive foot wear, and I was usually nursing a pulled or tweaked ______. You fill in the blank. Perhaps you've been there?

I knew I was more than a than a blob of matter with limbs and a head, and I was SO ready for something different that would nurture every part of my being, and MOST IMPORTANT it had to be FUN! In January 2007 I walked into a Nia class not knowing what to expect. What I did know is that I was I immediately felt a 'click'. Everything I love and believe in that will stimulate me and my entire life focus in one beautiful art form ~ Nia. With my Nia practice, my Body is strong and graceful; my Mind is open and focused; my Spirit is alive and tested; my Emotions experienced and released!

I enjoyed my Nia practice for 6 years while raising my children and I immediately noticed a difference. I obtained my White and Green Belts in Nia Instruction in 2012. Consistent Nia had me noticing my core was strong, inches were falling off, and cuts and curves were emerging. Was I beginning to see a 'dancer's body'? Yes! It's me! Throw in grace, strength, energy, and a sense of calm all working together to improve my balance, reflexes, stamina, and most important, a love for myself and my body!

My friends are an eclectic group and you might describe my home decor and taste in music the same way. My hobbies and experiences are vast and colorful. I believe in working hard and playing hard, and what you give you get back two fold. A few words to describe me are passionate, loyal, resourceful, fun, and happy. I love the outdoors, animals, and music! Music speaks to each one of us differently, and we turn to music for comfort and celebration. Life throws us curves and obstacles, and whether it's celebrating or grieving, movement and music are my healing saviors.

I became a Clinical Social Worker after12 years of management in the corporate world. As an LCSW, I worked the trenches as well as facilitated well-being seminars and workshops with healthcare professionals, individuals, and groups. My work experience, formal education, and Nia instruction are a powerful combination! I continue my education in holistic wellness with Mindfuness Training, Meditation, and Movement in Conjunction with Mental Health, as strategies to alleviate anxiety and depression.

I offer Nia to both adults and children ranging from those with special needs and/or limitations to those wanting a powerful athletic workout. My goal is to share holistic wellness in a fun and fresh manner that's easy to follow and leaves you wanting more! I want to invite you to step into a new sensation. Leave your inhibitions and expectations at the door, and join me for Nia and notice the difference. It's time..............!


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St. Boniface Caltholic Church
110 North Buchanan Street, Edwardsville, IL, United States
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