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7 Tips to Enhance Your Running

Add the power of Nia’s 7 workout cycles and 52 moves to your running program.  You’ll have more fun, and you’ll increase the benefits you receive from your training. These ...

Dance to Make a Difference

People—you and I—working  together can make a difference. We can help. We can raise hope, energy and hearts through dance!I love how life puts us exactly where we need to be. For me, ...

History In the Making by Debbie Rosas

Women’s history month couldn’t come at a more synchronistic time for me as I will be presenting at the Mastery Program of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts this weekend in NYC.Deep,...

Take A Walk On The Wild Side of Pleasure

What’s the first step in the wild, unrestrained pursuit of pleasure? How can you stimulate and tantalize 14,000 nerve endings?  Take your shoes off, that's how!  Wriggle your toes ...

Coming Back Down To Earth

The popularity of low and non-impact aerobic exercise has brought us back down to earth, literally. With this change we have begun to slow down and work smarter, affording us the luxury to relax. ...

Tune-In, Turn-On, Tap-In

Tune-in, in Nia, we learn to listen to our bodies by tuning into physical sensation.  To practice awareness of sensation, prepare and quiet the mind, tune-in to your body, bringing it into union ...

The Alchemy of Listening ~ Turn Your Relationships to Gold!

"Listening is an attitude of the heart, a genuine desire to be with another which both attracts and heals."    J. Isham                Alchemy offers ...

It’s great to be GREEN, GOOD and ECO-CHIC.

St Patrick’s Day – Go Green! The Earth is an amazing design system for sustainability of life. Everywhere we look, from alpine forests to the darkest depths of the ocean, life abounds...

Manifestation through L.U.C.K.

Some people say manifesting our dreams is a matter of luck. That's true, if by luck you mean L.U.C.K. - Love, Unity, Choice, Kinetic Go to any bookstore, and you’ll find hundr...


High-Five-Friday is a call to celebrate someone you admire, your mentor, someone who changed your life.

Built on Mutual Respect and Tolerance

StudioNia Santa Fe was opened in 2009 by Nia Faculty Trainer, Holly Nastasi, and Nia White Belt, Jan Pitlak.  From the beginning, they established a studio built on mutual respect and tolerance f...

Living Your Life Purpose

What’s the Big Deal About Having a Life Purpose?No one said you had to have a life purpose.  So what’s the big deal?  There are workshops, books and studies about life purpose ai...

Age Gracefully with a Feel-Good, Look-Good Attitude

I saw in my dad the look- good, feel-good way of living, even as he aged, had six strokes, and died. He had a way of living well and dying well, something I aspire to. For him looking good and feeling...

Trending Tuesday: Feel Good, Look Good!

Today’s Trend: It’s in vogue to FEEL GOOD-LOOK GOOD.The trend to feel good and look good is perfect for our modern age in which being real, authentic, beautiful, and comfortable in your ow...

Trending Tuesdays: Be The Change!

We’re celebrating ideas and actions that have, and are changing the world. Inspiration underlies change. Trending Tuesdays is intended to inspire you and our entire global community, to join tog...


Reach, the new Nia routine, is meant to stimulate you to move and express through your upper extremities.  As you move, consciously open up the shoulder girdle and provide conditioning and freedo...

Diary of a Nia Trainer

Reflections, gems and pearls of wisdom on the road with Nia.


Touch.In a world of mediated, meaningless, "stolen" sensations, the Sensation Science of Nia offers us a direct and meaningful experience of reality, an experience that is becoming increasin...

Feel Good, Look Good - 7 Simple Steps

Stress and anger can lead to ill health. Love and positive relationships not only add to our quality of life, they add to our longevity as well.

5 Ways Nia Workouts Boost Your Brain Power

What if there was a workout that conditioned your body and your brain? Good News! Dancing Nia makes you Smarter!

Still Dancing at 100 Years Old!

Her key to staying young? "...if you're dealing with creative work you're doing something new all the time." --Eileen Kramer

Stop the Pain!

Fed up with exercise-related injuries and goal driven workouts? 10 ways Nia differs. How does your exercise class compare?

5 Simple Tips to Feel Better NOW!

Feeling Tired, Overwhelmed or Overloaded?Being stressed-out takes a toll on our health. Sure you’d like to take up a meditation practice or exercise more often, but who has the time? We all fee...

Listen to Debbie Rosas Speak at Body Intelligence Summit 2015

The body's way provides us with a universal map we can use to dance while respecting the design and function of the body. Learning to listen and read the body comes from recognizing the unique voice o...

Committing to Resilience

Resilience is never about always feeling positive, strong and able.  Resilience is feeling all of those tough emotions, falling, hurting... and getting back up again.In the past year, there has b...


Dancing Nia to Jana’s music is a recipe for pleasurable living! Jana is a multi-platinum songwriter, and more importantly, her music inspires my heart. Her music conveys a message and it has alw...

We Are All Connected!

Making heart connections, through Nia, with ourselves and others, including those living with trauma or conditions like Autism, Alzheimers and Dementia.

Change Up Your Moves to Build Up Your Heart

Are you giving your heart the variety it needs to deal with daily dynamics, stress and change?

Change Up Your Moves to Build Up Your Heart

Are you giving your heart the variety it needs?

To Mirror or Not to Mirror….. two Nia pioneers weigh in

I think there are gifts to be received from both situations, mirror and no mirror, and much will depend on one's strengths, weaknesses and tendencies as a teacher. I have taught in both. I st...

A Precious Moment

Seriously, from the depths of my heart, thank you for helping to save my life. Oh, and the cats are grateful...

Enrich Your Day with 7 Simple Little Steps

In life, everything you do counts, even the small things. These seven steps are small, conscious acts that you can do daily to help you manage the business of making your body and life more enjoyable. And, you already know them!

Strong, Beautiful Legs Without Tedious, Repetitious Exercises?

One of the things that changed my approach to movement and helped me create Nia was the idea that movement could be experienced in a whole new way. That maintaining ground contact

Nia is a synonym for Magical!

These synonyms for 'magical', sum up Nia nicely, don't you think? extraordinary, remarkable, exceptional,outstanding, incredible.....

Feel the Magic!

Tap into the magic of Life happening all around us. Create a magical mood anytime and anywhere, with music from the newest Nia routine Magic. Just released for 2015.  With upbeat rhythms and intr...

Nia Toronto ~ Voices of a Community – Inspiration, Collaboration, Celebration

At Toronto World Pride 2014. Nia teachers and students brought our joy and passion to people from all over the world, sharing Nia in a colourful and exciting way.“Isolate, in order to integ...

Creating ‘Cosmotion’

In December 2004, I opened my movement studio in a small town called Ventura.  At the time, I was a Nia Blue Belt Instructor with three years of teaching experience. I also had a whole load of en...

Manifesting Healing

When first diagnosed with the movement disorder Cervical Dystonia (also known as Spasmodic Torticollis), I didn't know how to relax my body.  As my upper torso torqued to the left, my entire ...

Making A Difference

Love is emotionally healing, comforting, and physically transformative. Pleasure is nourishment for the body, mind, and spirit. Both are offerings your body makes available to you.

Finders Keepers

A consistent word in each story is “love,” which is why I believe people come to Nia and stick with it.

Meet Your Future

Solving one of the world’s toughest health challenges is easy when you learn to say “yes” to pleasure and “no” to pain!

No One Gets There Alone

Next time you feel you “can’t,” close your eyes and take a deep breath; the gift of power just might sit quietly on your next breath.

All Good Things Come Together ~ Music, Movement, Magic ~ You belong

If you believe that by helping people say, “yes” to pleasure and joy, you can help them achieve a healthier, more meaningful and rewarding life -- Now is the time to act-- Take advantage o...

62 Going On 45-Years-Old

Randee Fox, Nia Faculty and Nia & Horses Trainer receives a gentle massage from her horse Caanie during the July 2014 Nia & Horses® Training.

I Could Not Have Done It Without Nia

Several weeks ago, I participated in a charitable event for Giordano Dance Company called "Dancing With the Stars."  Five men and 6 women paired with professional Giordano dancers, and ...

Planting and Growing Nia in China

From the development, combination of movements, musical rhythm,and soul art, to the movement conditioning, Nia really takes me afar physically. It is as enjoyable and relaxing as anything can be. It o...

This little Piggy went "Aaahh!"

Good Morning America, over 800 newspapers and magazines, including Harper’s Bizarre, Self, Shape, and the New York Times know power when then see it, which is what they saw in Nia as a revolutionary barefoot workout.

A Holistic Approach to Fitness

A Nia workout is a whole new philosophy—instead of “working out” you’re “working in!”

It’s All About Choice

Sensing is how we learned to move, stand up and walk; to trust ourselves, the world, and people. Sensing came before conscious thinking.

You Were Born A Sensation Scientist

I believe we are born Sensation Scientists. Born into an extraordinary body designed to get us to pay attention and listen to the sensations of pain and pleasure. A body designed to function best by saying, “yes” to pleasure, and “no” to pain.