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You Never Know the End of the Story

I have just returned from a trip to Israel. My visit was to gain a better understanding of the country – its people, its culture. The primary function of Nia "The Business" is to su...

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3x13 Triptych: The Art of Sensation - A StudioNia Special Event

The Art of Sensation, a three-part event, is a story about living into my greatness and
 sharing my gifts with the world. It is an
 expression of love - for my body, for the gift of life, for m...

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Music as My Muse

"Antonio Stradivari made some of his most beautiful violins from a pile of broken, waterlogged oars he found on the docks of Venice one day. Like the David hiding inside Michelangelo's rough bloc...

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The Art of Listening

Just as listening is key to any human relationship, music is no different; we have a relationship with music. The more we learn to listen to it, the better we can communicate with anything--and for th...

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RAW and the 8BC Music System

RAW stands for the state of being in a Relaxed body, Alert mind and Waiting spirit. This is the practice we use to listen with full attention by creating a state of "no inner dialogue." In R...


The Voice of Creating a Sacred Livelihood

I am the voice of Creating a Sacred Livelihood. My universal wisdom comes from knowing that you and the body are a gift. I am coded to inspire and direct you – and your body – to do that w...

Creating A Sacred Livelihood Scroll

Creating Your Sacred Livelihood Scroll

Use this scroll to help you explore and Create Your Sacred Livelihood. The file is a PDF designed to be printed on both sides of a blank legal size (8 1/2" x 14") piece of paper....