Kick Off Your Shoes and Help Someone in Need!

Who doesn’t love shoes? But, many of us have a “shoe problem”. Be honest, do you like shoes a little too much?June 1st is National Go Barefoot Day and a perfect opportunity to help s...

The Trend is using Personal Power for Peace

Everyone wants peace. We know inherently that without peace, there can be no happiness. Celebrities, famous artists, business people with immense personal power, willingly stand for peace and lend the...

Standing in Power; Yin Yang Harmony

Home  When people ask me where I live, I say Portland, Oregon, but I know that’s not the truth. I live in my body. My body is my home.When I woke up this morning, I asked my body home what ...

Debbie Rosas ~ Co-Creator of Nia

The Ultimate Nia Experience With Debbie Rosas

with Debbie Rosas ~ Co-Creator of Nia
at The Jam House in Edinburgh, GB

Nia is an movement and lifestyle practice. As the first cardio workout to combine martial arts, dance, and healing arts, Nia has fundamentally changed lives with its evolutionary approach to fitness and self-healing in a body. Nia, an internationally acclaimed practice for over 25 years, is based on the science of the body.


Start: Saturday, June 6, 2015 - 2:00 pm
End: Saturday, June 6, 2015 - 3:30 pm


5 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1JE, United Kingdom



The Power of Desire

If you haven’t taken your Nia Brown Belt Training yet, I recommend that you do it…and as soon as you can! The whole concept of Choice and Manifestation from Principle 9 really works, and ...

Nia Telecourses for Everybody

Mentoring from the source!

Dial in for a joyful body-mind-spirit discussion!

Join Nia Co-founder Debbie Rosas, along with guest Nia trainers, in our monthly Telecourses for Everybody mentoring program. Interact with the experts directly to ask questions and receive tools for staying committed to your Nia path of personal growth and discovery.

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Realizing My Childhood Dream

Nia came to me as a present never expected! I met Nia in 2002 in the US, in San Antonio, Texas at a Health Club while I was training for my regular triathlon. Ever since then I’ve danced Nia at ...

The Trend is the Coffee Can Revolution

“What have you come here to do with your life? You can choose to ignore that question, or you can pursue it.  And the pursuit is the beginning of the journey. The Hero’s Journey&rdquo...

Dating Magic - 5 Little Tips

May is “Date Your Mate Month.” The intention of course, is to put energy into strengthening your primary relationship. Studies show that having healthy, close relationships will increase o...

The Trend is Toward Change

Shift happens.  There's no way around it.  The universe is designed to be responsive, adaptive and constantly changing.  Our bodies are microcosms of the macrocosm.  On a cellu...

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