Change Up Your Moves to Build Up Your Heart

Are you giving your heart the variety it needs to deal with daily dynamics, stress and change?

Change Up Your Moves to Build Up Your Heart

Are you giving your heart the variety it needs?

To Mirror or Not to Mirror….. two Nia pioneers weigh in

I think there are gifts to be received from both situations, mirror and no mirror, and much will depend on one's strengths, weaknesses and tendencies as a teacher. I have taught in both. I st...

A Precious Moment

Seriously, from the depths of my heart, thank you for helping to save my life. Oh, and the cats are grateful...

Enrich Your Day with 7 Simple Little Steps

In life, everything you do counts, even the small things. These seven steps are small, conscious acts that you can do daily to help you manage the business of making your body and life more enjoyable. And, you already know them!

Nia What if Video

Inspiring the world with a question, one body at a time!

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Strong, Beautiful Legs Without Tedious, Repetitious Exercises?

One of the things that changed my approach to movement and helped me create Nia was the idea that movement could be experienced in a whole new way. That maintaining ground contact

Nia is a synonym for Magical!

These synonyms for 'magical', sum up Nia nicely, don't you think? extraordinary, remarkable, exceptional,outstanding, incredible.....

Feel the Magic!

Tap into the magic of Life happening all around us. Create a magical mood anytime and anywhere, with music from the newest Nia routine Magic. Just released for 2015.  With upbeat rhythms and intr...

Nia Toronto ~ Voices of a Community – Inspiration, Collaboration, Celebration

(Photo) At Toronto World Pride 2014. Nia teachers and students brought our joy and passion to people from all over the world, sharing Nia in a colourful and exciting way.“Isolate, in order ...

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