Anna Schantz

Anna Schantz

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Anna Schantz

Nia Black Belt Teacher
Burlington-Kilbride-Milton-Oakville, ON, Canada

Anna's relationship with music, movement and magic goes back to her childhood days of dancing under the moon in her back yard in Rochester, New York, where she choreographed everything from Gregorian chant to The Rolling Stones. As a teenager she brought her abysmal gym mark up from a D to an A++ by taking every dance elective offered.
As an adult, Anna explored many fitness and movement forms until 2000, when she found Nia. She began to teach immediately after her White Belt training. Now a Black Belt, having taught thousands of Nia classes, she is still in love with bringing bodies into the joy of music, movement and magic through Nia.
Anna lives in Kilbride, Ontario with her children, a half-feral cat named Bert, Maddie the Bernese Mountain Dog, and litter-mate cats Turbo and Mika. She is pursuing a degree in psychotherapy in the time she can spare from dancing under the moon.


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The Studio at Wickenwood
6506 McNiven Road, Kilbride, ON, CA
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